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CCNA Interview Questions
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Which of the following is True regarding passwords on a Cisco router? A. All passwords can be encrypted B. All passwords can be entered using the set-up dialogue C. A password can be set before a user can enter the privileged mode D. A password can be set for individual lines E. TACACS or Radius password authentication can be used.


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Which of the follwing are true of standard half-duplex Ethernet circuitry? A. It is alternate one-way communication B. The receive (RX) is wired directly to the transmit (TX) of the remote station C. The transmit (TX) is wired directly to the receive (RX) of the remote station D. Collisions are not possible E. Both stations can transmit simultaneously

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Which three basic switch functions increase available bandwidth on the networks? (Choose three) A. loop avoidance B. address learning C. hop count limiting D. broadcast filtering E. packet forward/filtering

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What is an advantage of local area network (LAN) segmentation? A. smaller collision domains B. elimination of broadcasts C. decreased cost of implementation D. larger number of users within the same domain


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What was the key reason the International Organization for Standardization released the OSI model? A. users could access network servers faster B. different vendor networks could work with each other C. the industry could create a standard for how computers work D. network administrators could increase the overall speed of their network

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Given the following descriptions of layers of the OSI model 1) This layer segments and reassembles data into a data stream 2) This layer manages device addressing tracks the location of devices on the network and determines the best way to move data 3) This layer provides the physical transmission of the data and handles error notification network topology and flow control. Choose the statement that lists the layers in the order described above A. physical data link network B. physical session data link C. data link network transport D. data link transport network E. transport network data link F. transport data link network

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Which three are typical operational phases in a basic connection oriented neloyord service? (Choose three) A. call setup B. data transfer C. load balancing D. call termination E. call priortization F. data segmentation G. data link identification

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What are the two components of an IPX address? A. network number IP address B. MAC address node number C. network number MAC address D. network number arched number

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Which statement is true when a broadcast is sent in an Ethernet/802.3 ITAN? A. The ip shored used is B. The IP address used is C. The MAC address used is 00 00 00 00 00 00 D. The MAC address used is FF FF FF FF FF FF

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Each department has its own file server and the company has an enterprise server that is shared by all departments. What does a network administrator use to provide a secure separation between the management and sales departments? A. a bridge between management and sales B. routers to provide the most secure segmentation C. a hub to provide ease of management and a satisfactory alternative for network security D. an Ethernet switch to maintain secure separationthrough programming the access lists for each port of the switch

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Eight stations connected to separate 10 Mobs pods on a Layer 2 switch will give each station how many Mobs of bandwidth? A. 1.25 B. 4 C. 16 D. 10 E. 80

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Which term describes the process in which frames from one network system are placed inside the frames of another network system? A. bridging B. tunnelling C. data link control D. generic routing E. packet switching

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Which statement about switched and routed data flows is correct? A. Switches create a single collision domain and a single broadcast domain. Routers provide separate collision domains B. Switches create separate collision domains but a single broadcast domain. Routers provide a separate broadcast domain C. Switches create a single collision domain and separate broadcast domains. Routers provide a separate broadcast domain as well D. Switches create separate collision domains and separate broadcast domains. Routers provide separate collision domains

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Assuming no subnetting, which two pieces of information can be derived from the IP address (Choose two) A. It is a Class C address B. It is a Class B address C. The network address is D. The network address is E. The host spoon of the address is 25.10

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Given an IP host address of and a shored mask of to which shored does the host belong? A. B. C. D. E.

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Name the vtp modes?


Mention what is dhcp?


Which protocol switch use for filling its mac-table?


Explain protocol?


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what are the different asymmetric algorithms?


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