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CCNA Interview Questions
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What is the command to copy the IOS image to a TFTP server? A.) copy flash tftp B.) copy running-config tftp C.) copy ios tftp D.) copy startup-config tftp

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Identify the command that configures the bandwidth to 56K? A.) Router(config-if)# bandwidth 56000 B.) Router(config-if)# bandwidth 56k C.) Router(config)# bandwidth 56 D.) Router(config-if)# bandwidth 56

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Identify the command to configure DLCI 100 on an interface e0? A.) Router(config)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 B.) Router(config)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 int e0 C.) Router(config-if)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 D.) Router(config-if)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 int e0

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Identify the command to configure the router to boot from an alternate IOS located in flash? A.) boot system flash IOS.exe B.) boot system tftp IOS.exe C.) boot system alternate IOS.exe D.) boot system rom IOS.exe

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Identify the command to configure a description on an interface? A.) Router> description Finance department B.) Router(config)# description Finance department C.) Router(config-if)# description Finance department D.) Router# description Finance department

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Identify the 2 commands that will display the status and information about interface E0 only? A.) show interface ethernet E0 B.) show interface E0 C.) show E0 D.) show int E0 E.) show interface

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In order to configure a Frame Relay subinterface with IP identify the 2 commands that must be configured on the physcial interface? A.) Router(config-if)# encapsulation frame-relay B.) Router(config-if)# no ip address C.) Router(config-if)#encapsulation subinterface frame-relay D.) Router(config)# subinterface s0 encapsulation frame-relay

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Identify the command to determine if an IP access-list is grouped on interface e0? A.) Router(config)# show ip interface e0 B.) Router> show ip interface e0 C.) Router# show interface e0 D.) Router# show ip interface e0

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Identify the keystroke to position the cursor to the beginning of a command line? A.) Ctrl-A B.) Ctrl-Ins C.) Ctrl-B D.) Ctrl-Z

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Identify the following components of the IPX address 2e.0000.0065.ed43 A.) Not a valid IPX address B.) Network = 2e, Subnet = 0000, Node = 0065.ed43 C.) Network = 2e.0000, Node = 0065.ed43 D.) Network = 2e, Node = 0000.0065.ed43

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What is the syntax to add a banner to the Cisco router? A.) motd banner # B.) banner C.) banner motd # D.) banner #

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What is the command to allow you to type Tokyo instead of the IP address to access a router named Tokyo? A.) config t, ip host Tokyo B.) config t, ip hostname Tokyo C.) config t, hostname Tokyo D.) config t, ip hostname Tokyo

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How do you disable advanced editing? A.) terminal editing B.) terminal no editing C.) disable editing D.) no terminal editing

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Which of the following will show an extended access list 150? A.) sh access-list B.) sh ip int C.) sh ip access-list 150 D.) sh access-list 150 extended

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You have a Class B network address divided into 30 subnets. You will add 25 new subnets within the next year. You need 600 host IDs for each subnet. Which subnet mask should you use? A.) B.) C.) D.) 255.255.248 0

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How do you go to privileged mode? How do you switch back to user mode?


In port based access-list which command you give instead of ip?


Define osi?


Tell us the name of best path in eigrp protocol?


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What is the difference between rip and igrp?


Define routing?


Define autonomous system (as)?


What type of transmission bus topology support?


Tell me when we use extended access-list?


Why is distributed processing useful?


Explain how an spf algorithm works?


How many types of ends in wan?


What is Transport and Tunnel mode?


Suppose a Switch interface went in error-dis mode what you will do for Troubleshooting List all Possibilities