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CCNA Interview Questions
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Identify the command to determine if an IP access-list is grouped on interface e0? A.) Router(config)# show ip interface e0 B.) Router> show ip interface e0 C.) Router# show interface e0 D.) Router# show ip interface e0

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Identify the keystroke to position the cursor to the beginning of a command line? A.) Ctrl-A B.) Ctrl-Ins C.) Ctrl-B D.) Ctrl-Z

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Identify the following components of the IPX address 2e.0000.0065.ed43 A.) Not a valid IPX address B.) Network = 2e, Subnet = 0000, Node = 0065.ed43 C.) Network = 2e.0000, Node = 0065.ed43 D.) Network = 2e, Node = 0000.0065.ed43

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What is the syntax to add a banner to the Cisco router? A.) motd banner # B.) banner C.) banner motd # D.) banner #

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What is the command to allow you to type Tokyo instead of the IP address to access a router named Tokyo? A.) config t, ip host Tokyo B.) config t, ip hostname Tokyo C.) config t, hostname Tokyo D.) config t, ip hostname Tokyo

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How do you disable advanced editing? A.) terminal editing B.) terminal no editing C.) disable editing D.) no terminal editing

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Which of the following will show an extended access list 150? A.) sh access-list 150 B.) sh ip int C.) sh ip access-list D.) sh access-list 150 extended

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You have a Class B network address divided into 30 subnets. You will add 25 new subnets within the next year. You need 600 host IDs for each subnet. Which subnet mask should you use? A.) B.) C.) D.) 255.255.248 0

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What is the syntax to use to configure the port on a Catalyst 5000 switch? A.) slot port/type B.) type slot/port C.) port slot/type D.) port type/slot

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What 3 sources can configuration commands be placed into RAM? A.) HP Openview B.) Console C.) Vterminal D.) TFTP server E.) NVRAM

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Identify the true statements about the following access list: Access-list 101 deny tcp any eq 23 Access-list 101 permit ip any any A.) This access list prevents the host from telneting B.) This access list prevents any telnet traffic from subnet C.) This access list filters some telnet access D.) This access list denies any telnet traffic to subnet E.) This access list is invalid F.) The netmask on the this access list is reversed

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Given the IPX address 4a.0002.1111.a999, what is the network ID and what is the node ID? A.) net 4a host 0002.1111.a999 B.) net a999 node 0002.1111 C.) net 0002.1111.a999 node 4a D.) net 0002.1111 node a999

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What command do you use to disable domain lookup? A.) no domain-lookup B.) domain no-lookup C.) lookup no-domain D.) no ip domain-lookup


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Which of the following are valid Cisco encapsulation type names? A.) arpa = IPX Ethernet B.) novell-ether = IPX Ethernet_802.3 C.) snap = IEEE 802.2 SNAP on Ethernet, FDDI, and Token Ring D.) novell-fddi = IPX Fddi_Raw E.) sap = IEEE 802.2 on Ethernet, FDDI, and Token Ring F.) hdlc = HDLC on serial interfaces

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Which of the following is an invalid host address using a netmask of A.) B.) C.) D.)

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After how long keep alive messages exchange in eigrp?


Value in which type of access list?


What are the different types of VPN?


Explain the matric of eigrp protocol?


What are the things that can be accessed in a CISCO router’s identifying information?


What is the difference between csma/cd and csma/ca?


How many maximum paths you can give on latest ios in rip?


Can you explain in a generic manner the packet of IPSec?


Explain the difference between routing and routed protocols?


Explain the types of communication in ipv4?


Frame relay technology works on which layer of osi model?


Can yo define LNS


How are straight and crossable cables different from each other?


What is the difference between static and dynamic ip addressing?


What is the command for change serial cost?