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CCNA Interview Questions
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Identify the command to configure the IP address A.) Router(config-if)# ip address B.) Router(config)# ip address C.) Router# ip address D.) Router(config)# ip address

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Identify the command to configure the router to boot from an IOS located on a TFTP server? A.) boot system tftp IOS.exe B.) boot system tftp IOS.exe C.) boot system flash tftp D.) boot system IOS.exe

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Identify the command to display the hardware platform information? A.) show all B.) show platform C.) display hardware D.) show version

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Identify the command to display the Frame Relay map table? A.) Router# display frame-relay map B.) Router# show frame-relay map C.) Router(setup)# show frame-relay map D.) Router# show map frame-relay

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Given the command 'cl?', what will it display? A.) Syntax of the 'clock' command B.) Syntax of the 'clear' command C.) All commands that begin with 'cl' D.) All commands that begin with 'c'

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Identify the 2 commands that copies the configuration in NVRAM to RAM? A.) copy backup-config running-config B.) configure nvram C.) copy startup-config running-config D.) configure memory

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Identify the 2 commands the saves the running-config to NVRAM? A.) write memory B.) copy running-config startup-config C.) write network D.) write backup

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Identify the command that displays traffic statistics on serial0/1? A.) display interface serial0/1 B.) show interface serial0/1 C.) show seria0/1 stats D.) show interface serial0/1 stats

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Identify the command to determine if CDP is enabled? A.) show enable cdp B.) show cdp enabled C.) show cdp run D.) show cdp

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Which 2 commands shows the Cisco IOS filename? A.) show IOS B.) show ver C.) show flash D.) show mem E.) show NVRAM

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Identify the command to copy a configuration file from a TFTP server to a routers active configuration? A.) Router# copy running-config tftp B.) Router# copy tftp running-config C.) Router# copy tftp running-config D.) Router(config)# copy tftp running-config

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Identify the command mode necessary to enter the extended ping command? A.) Router# B.) Router> C.) Router(config)# D.) Router(ext-ping)#

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Identify the command to configure the router for IGRP autonomous system 100? A.) Router(config)# router igrp 100 B.) Router> router igrp 100 C.) Router# router igrp 100 D.) Router(config)# router igrp

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Identify the command that forces the router to load into ROM mode upon a reload? A.) boot system rom B.) rom boot C.) boot system flash rom D.) boot router rom

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Identify the command that specifies Serial 0 in slot 1? A.) Router(config)# interface serial1/1 B.) Router(config)# interface serial1/0 C.) Router(config)# interface serial0.1 D.) Router(config)# interface serial0/1

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Explain why ip address called logical address?


Which protocol supenetting is enable by default?


Explain the types of communication in ipv6 ?


What is the subnetmask of / 27 in network based and host based?


Define routing?


Which command we give for live view of remote site routers?


What are the advantages of a layered model in the networking industry?


What are the different types of cables that are used in routing?


What is default size of hello packets in ospf?


What are the different memories that are used in a cisco router?


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Which protocols are link states?


What are the advantages of layered model in networking industry?


On which mode we give debug command?


What are the conversion steps of data encapsulation?