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I am willing to go for General Ledger certification. Could any one guide me what are the prerequisites..? am i need to any exam before take this GL exam..?

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R1#sh ip nat translations Pro Inside global Inside local Outside local Outside global icmp icmp icmp icmp R1# So my question is that after every ip address [:] is used & some number.{:11}... what is this colon & number indicate. Can anyone tel me this..!!! Thanking you advance. Shahin

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what is the need og jitu(config)#ip helper address can any one exaplain it briefly specially shain i am looking towards you.Becoz you are the only one who can solve my that problem not even jitendera sinha

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Hai friends......I want to do ISTQB certification.Am in Navi Mumbai and i want to know abt the study centre and the course details for ISTQB in Navi Mumbai.Pls mail me as soon as possible

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Which of the following is not a characteristic of link-state routing protocols? ❍ A. VLSM support ❍ B. Route summarization at any bit level ❍ C. Full routing updates at regular intervals ❍ D. Discontiguous network support

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Given the following output, how can we close Telnet session 2? (Choose two) CCNA2620#show sessions Conn Host Address Idle Conn Name 1 0 *2 0 ❍ A. Press the Enter key and enter exit. ❍ B. Enter disconnect 2. ❍ C. Press the Enter key and enter disconnect 2. ❍ D. Enter close 2.

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Which of the following encapsulation types can be used on leased-line connections? (Choose two) ❍ A. HDLC ❍ B. Frame Relay ❍ C. ISDN ❍ D. PPP


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what is the exact syllabus for oracle certification level 1?


What is the most common layer 2 device? A. Hub B. Bridge C. Switch D. Router


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Which IEEE standard is used to define Wi-Fi? A. IEEE 802.3 B. IEEE 802.5 C. IEEE 802.11h D. IEEE 802.11c E. IEEE 802.11


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Which network mask should you place on a Class C network to accommodate a user requirement of ten subnetworks? A. B. C. D.

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1 what is private vlam 2 if there is a router which have two fast Ethernet from from fa0/0 network is connected from fa0/1 network is connected all bacsic routing is done will they communicate 3 what is difference between snmp v1 v2 and v3 what difference between name and stranded access list

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Hi, Could anybody help me,by providing the ISTQB foundation level, materials or questions papers and patterns. What should I focus on..also plz tell me that how to prepare for this exam.. any reference books.. as i want to prepare it myself..plz reply.. my email-id is prameela.js@rediffmail.com or on prameela.js@gmail.com Thanks all in advance


A routing table contains static, RIP, and EIGRP routes for the same destination network. Which route would normally be used to forward data?

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hai, i think to do certification in oracle 11i. Can any one help me regarding fee, duration , preparation, and how much it is use full for getting a good job.


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32. Policy Enforcement Federation is configured in which of the following components? a. Identity Manager b. Service Gateway c. Access Manager d. Directory Server


Hi , I am planning to take up OCA certification.Can you please provide me with the path for Oracle DBA certi.If any one of you have dumps for same,please mail them to sajagporwal123@gmail.com.Please give me any tips if possible.


Which feature should a routing protocol have to support vlsm?


Please can any one provide me the latest informatica certification(8x)dumps? Please send it to my below mail id...Thanks shanthveer@gmail.com


What technique would you use to fix the 10 leftmost columns on a list when scrolling to the right? a) Set Left Scroll-Boundary Column 10 b) Set Right Scroll-Boundary Column 10 c) Scroll List PS+<10> d) Scroll List Left Note: My answer for this question is A. But if you think different then pls give link or explain how.


Differentiate full-duplex from half-duplex.


Please suggest for diploma engr any good certificaations or courses which will fetch a good jobs?


The transfer function is y = x1 + 5x2, where X1 ~ N(5,12) and X2 ~ N(5,22). Which statement is true about the shape of y? [QID 809] 1) It must be a normal distribution since the means of the inputs are identical. 2) It will be a normal distribution. 3) It cannot be a normal distribution since the standard deviations of the inputs are different. 4) It is not normal.


Mention the ranges for the private IP?


explain procedure of the OCJP cerification, and exam fee please explain


Hi, I am planning for oracle datawarehousing fundamentals 11g certification.. 1Z0-515.. Any having dumps or materials for this.. pls provide me..


im prepare the OCE exam. i have no idea wat the procedure.plz give me some suggestions


Where to apply for Google internship?


What are the advantages of a layered model in the networking industry?


What is the update period for rip?