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Sun Certifications Interview Questions
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I would like to know the Sun-certification details for java/j2ee.


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what is the command to check the total memory in a solaris 9 server.


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What is the command to check the system configuration (ex :Memory size ,Harddisk capcity,No of processor )

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What is the diffrent between Blade server and normal Sun fire Server

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what is the validity of SCJP 1.4 paper. i.e. for how many years it will be considered valid.


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What question does ask in SCJP330-055 ?

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what are the phases FSCK command?


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what are the steps of boot phases?

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in user administration which file contains primary group and which file contains secondary group?

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What is the features of Solaris and Advantage of solaris?

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What is Sticky bit?

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How to find Client system has nfs available and nis available ?


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How are job oppurtunities for For Solries( Freshers)?

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Hi I want to do SCJP Certification. But, I dont know How to approach for that. Can some send me the details please. Send me the Imp questions and dumps if you have any? Thanks in advance. send the info to


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what will be cost of sub ceritification in java


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Post New Sun Certifications Questions

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sir now i am pursuing BCA from DEC or UGC approved university pls tell me that i can apply its certificat in govt. jobs.


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plese forward scjp 1.6 dumps to my mail pleaseeeeeee


Sun Certificatio details.


32. Policy Enforcement Federation is configured in which of the following components? a. Identity Manager b. Service Gateway c. Access Manager d. Directory Server


Do any of you have SCJP 6.0 certification voucher valid till Aug 2010?


i want to write scjp 1.6 exam in august/september. iam from bangalore. any one who sells scjp 1.6 vocher can contact me in my mail id the vocher cost should be around 4500-5000.


Which attribute definitions is used to dynamically assign ‘PROTECTED’ and ‘MDT ON’ attributes for CustName?


What is the diffrent between Blade server and normal Sun fire Server


What is the procedure to install the crital patch/package on the SVM ( root mirroring ).