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Certifications Interview Questions
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What is Active Directory Domains & Trust?

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What is forest?

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Hi, Can any one please tell me the experience of their CCNA interview,and please tell me all the questions they asked in the interview. Many Thanks...



hello friends. i m saravanan. my stream (B.Tech)Information Technology. i m seeking for job. now i plan to do informatica certification.. but this certification is only for experienced software professional. i m having no software experience. do u think is informatica certification is useful to my carrer..?? and pls explain which certification is better Oracle (Or) Informatica????? my mail id is mobile no is>> +91-9894060089



In sap sd what is the difference the cerification vode C_TSCM62_60 , C_TSCM62_62 and C_TSCM62_64 . Which one one should take if a fresher is taking which will add more value to resume.


What is the updates time of routing table,and what is the invalid timer, and also what is the flush timer in IGRP and EIGRP?


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Which types of packets used in EIGRP?

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why we use AS no. in IGRP and EIGRP?


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What are the IGRP stability features?

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what is the main features of link state routing protocols?


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Explain some overview of EIGRP?

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what is the major difference between EIGRP & IGRP?


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what is ACLs? what is the reasons to create ACLs?

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what is the basic rules for ACLs?

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What is Standard ACLs?


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How does Hold-downs work?


What is a Frame Relay?


Do any of you have SCJP 6.0 certification voucher valid till Aug 2010?


What is a vlan? What does vlan provide?


Explain the types of communication in ipv6 ?


I am an iti holder i have passed at 2010 how i can get electrical supervisor licence in banglore or in chittoor (dist) A P


Sir, I am diploma in electronic engineering student and having five years experience in electrical maintenance including three years in switchgear electrical.... Can I am eligible for electrical supervisor certificate.... Please write me..


What is the default bandwidth size of t1 routers?


Hii,freinds i have passed my this year in electrical and electronics engineering ,i am a average student so plz guide me how will i get good job in core industries ,should i do any automation course if yes than from which institute .


Mention what is the difference between tcp and udp?


What is difference between null Nat and NAT 0


I completed MCA and also I have OCA certification. Now I am working as a Application Developer in but I need a job in Oracle Application or related to Sql or Pl/Sql.


Is the character certificate issued by the village sarpanch or numberdar valid for central govt jobs or defence entrance exama


What is the difference between tracert and traceroute?


What is mtu and what is its size for transmission?