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Certifications Interview Questions
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The PRIMARY purpose of undertaking a parallel run of a new system is to: A. verify that the system provides required business functionality. B. validate the operation of the new system against its predecessor. C. resolve any errors in the program and file interfaces. D. verify that the system can process the production load.

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Change control procedures to prevent scope creep during an application development project should be defined during: A. design. B. feasibility. C. implementation. D. requirements definition.

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Which of the following would MOST likely ensure that a system development project meets business objectives? A. Maintenance of program change logs B. Development of a project plan identifying all development activities C. Release of application changes at specific times of the year D. User involvement in system specification and acceptance

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Which of the following is a measure of the size of an information system based on the number and complexity of a system?s inputs, outputs and files? A. Function point (FP) B. Program evaluation review technique (PERT) C. Rapid application design (RAD) D. Critical path method (CPM)

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When auditing the requirements phase of a software acquisition, the IS auditor should: A. assess the feasibility of the project timetable. B. assess the vendor?s proposed quality processes. C. ensure that the best software package is acquired. D. review the completeness of the specifications.

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The purpose of debugging programs is to: A. generate random data that can be used to test programs before implementing them. B. protect, during the programming phase, valid changes from being overwritten by other changes. C. define the program development and maintenance costs to be include in the feasibility study. D. ensure that program abnormal terminations and program coding flaws are detected and corrected.


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Software maintainability BEST relates to which of the following software attributes? A. Resources needed to make specified modifications. B. Effort needed to use the system application. C. Relationship between software performance and the resources needed. D. Fulfillment of user needs.

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IT governance ensures that an organization aligns its IT strategy with: A. Enterprise objectives. B. IT objectives. C. Audit objectives. D. Finance objectives.

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A validation which ensures that input data are matched to predetermined reasonable limits or occurrence rates, is known as: A. Reasonableness check. B. Validity check. C. Existence check. D. Limit check.

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During which of the following steps in the business process reengineering should the benchmarking team visit the benchmarking partner? A. Observation B. Planning C. Analysis D. Adaptation

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Which of the following procedures should be implemented to help ensure the completeness of inbound transactions via electronic data interchange (EDI)? A. Segment counts built into the transaction set trailer B. A log of the number of messages received, periodically verified with the transaction originator C. An electronic audit trail for accountability and tracking D. Matching acknowledgement transactions received to the log of EDI messages sent

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A utility is available to update critical tables in case of data inconsistency. This utility can be executed at the OS prompt or as one of menu options in an application. The BEST control to mitigate the risk of unauthorized manipulation of data is to: A. delete the utility software and install it as and when required. B. provide access to utility on a need-to-use basis. C. provide access to utility to user management D. define access so that the utility can be only executed in menu option.

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When conducting a review of business process re-engineering, an IS auditor found that a key preventive control had been removed. In this case, the IS auditor should: A. inform management of the finding and determine if management is willing to accept the potential material risk of not having that preventing control. B. determine if a detective control has replaced the preventive control during the process and if so, not report the removal of the preventive control. C. recommend that this and all control procedures that existed before the process was reengineered be included in the new process. D. develop a continuous audit approach to monitor the effects of the removal of the preventive control.

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Which of the following is an output control objective? A. Maintenance of accurate batch registers B. Completeness of batch processing C. Appropriate accounting for rejections and exceptions D. Authorization of file updates

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In a system that records all receivables for a company, the receivables are posted on a daily basis. Which of the following would ensure that receivables balances are unaltered between postings? A. Range checks B. Record counts C. Sequence checking D. Run-to-run control totals

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