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How many rounds are there for a software programmer to clear interview in any IT industries(MNC).


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what is uncle aunty file

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when using windows API in .net then it is managed code or Unmanaged code?

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I am using SQLServer 2005. I have one table called Drivers. Every day thousands of records will be added in this table. I have to show all these records in my GridView with out applying ajax timer beacause we don't know the time limit when the new record come to the table. Sometimes it will add for 10 seconds some times 20 seconds. There by Please try without using timer or any other soultion apply for the table in sqlserver. But, i want to see all records immediately when new record comes in table. How? Thanks in advance... Ramesh

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Best Institute in india for online training (Dotnet/java/Tibco/Dwh/etc.....)

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benefits of migration from asp to hi frnds, i have to give presentation to a client about how useful would be migrating their project from asp to .plz give me some points which i should incorporate in my ppt thanks



benefits of migration from asp to hi frnds, i have to give presentation to a client about how useful would be migrating their project from asp to .plz give me some points which i should incorporate in my ppt thanks


Can you please anyone explain in detailed Webservices concepts in

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what is Master pages in what is the advantages and disadvantages?

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I have a DataGrid in which two of the columns are editable...i want to update the backend table with the newly edited data of the datagrid. How to do this please help me.

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what if we delete web.config or machine.config? will a website work if we delete webconfig....or if we delete machine config?


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repeater and gridview diff? Why is repeater fast than gridview?


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how to increase performance of web site? if there is a page with high load. the content is high then what should we do to increase performance?

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web farm .. how does session shuld be stored... if inproc used? does the session persists from one server to other.


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Can any body provide me the sample web application in


1.can we add connection string in global.asax?????????? 2.what are the default files included when we create new web application????


where can i gather the materials for MCP certification


how can we create wcf in and how can we cll that in to application?plsss tel me each step clearly


what is publisher?


I have an excel file with data, i am importing this excel file data into Sqlserver 2005 database. while importing i am getting wrong data(ie, special characters) in one column(description column), upto some limit the data in that column is coming fine,after that data is coming like below. The "Walter" leather storage bench is one of our most popular styles. The top with the tufting and double stitching finish a very impressive piece. The size is perfect in front of beds and the storage adds another functional bonus. Open it up and sneak al���Ƴ�Â��ƴ�Ã��ƶ�Å�� al���Ƴ�Â��ƴ�Ã��ƶ�Å�� Is there anywhy to resolve this? (I am using recordset in coding for developing import process.) please help me soon.


What is the compiled object?


i have 3+ exp in .net? i am going interview now but they asked me do you know any TOOL? which tool will i study please refer me?


Which tool you have done?


How can we update records in gridview?Is there any appropriate code for it?


while developing webservices if i want some users to use my webservice only how can i give security to my webservice?


Why is the standalone environment only useful during the development process?


i develop a web application and i gave security setting i.e autherization and athentication now it work properly on my local system , now question is ,is this security setting ie autherization and athentication which i gave in web.config will it be enough strong to secure my application on internet or i have to use some 3rd party tool or software to get security .if yes --how ? if no--what is the alternate?


what is DLL Hell and how it is solved in .NET? please explain clearly??


how can create login from create and written conde in