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Hol Info Interview Questions
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what is SAP fullform

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What non-visual coding tools are available for web design?


Consider an enterprise wide system that you will be designing. The system’s purpose is file sharing, database‐dependent application delivery, OLTP and web application delivery. There will be 4 servers for each of these applications. If you were provided with a strict requirement for two‐tier architecture but had to accommodate over 5000 users what technologies and innovative methods would you use to facilitate the operation of such a system. (Note that twotier architecture has scalability issues in terms of number of users)


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Could anyone please let me know what are the test cases for a rule based system? WE have a module on RBS which relates the data gathered to a set of rules and uses them to verify if the details are correct. Also we have a data acquisition module which collects the configuration details of a node entering a cluster using the CPUID. Can you please suggest test cases for these two modules, please?


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Hol Info Interview Questions