ASP.NET Interview Questions
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How can we update records in gridview?Is there any appropriate code for it?


which is the new version of IIS SERVER

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What is Assert Method ?

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any body help me. Is it possible to convert text in gif images into word document with the same text? thanks in advance.

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How can we read a columnised text data in ASP.Net C#? Columnised means my data is stored in a text file and I have numeric data or string data in this file. For ex. If I am searching for the data of gender and I know that gender data is stored at column 32 in text file. How can I get this data in ASP.Net page. Thanks for help in advance.

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How many types of web application ?

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Can any body provide me the sample web application in


can u any one tell me clearly where is stored cache datas?


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Create the Output by mearging 2 tables and taking common column sid from both you should not use database create table and data in it Randomly table 1 sid sname saddress 1 sa ampt 2 na hyd 3 ha hyd table 2 sid dno dname 1 12 stats 2 23 phy 3 12 stats OutPUt sid sname saddress did dname 1 sa ampt 12 stats 2 na hyd 23 phy 3 ha hyd 12 stats

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1. What is the difference between Cache and Session? 2. I cache limited to page like viewstate or it's accessible through out the application like session? 3. Which one is better when I've some data that is to be used across the application? Why is to better than the other?


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What is the difference between response.redirect and server.transfer, how to choose one among the other?


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Difference between ISQL and OSQL??

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What is HTTPContext and HTTPModule. What is the use of them?

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How to consume a webservice in a windows application without adding through the web reference?


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I M working in 1.1 .net framework. In a page I have 5 text box & 2 data grid. In PageLoad() All text box will populate with blank value & 1st dataGrid with some value. When I click on EDIT button Of the 1st dataGrid,The Relevent data Of the particular row will populate in first 3 textboxs & corresponding relevent data Will populate in the 2nd DataGrid. Now when I click 2nd datagrid's EDIT button of a perticular Row,relevent data will populate on last 2 textboxs & 1st 3 textbox's value will be same as per as it was........ ........My Problem Is ........... When I click on edit button Of 2nd DataGrid, 1st 3 text boxes values goes Off & 2nd DataGrid Is goes off Due to Postback.but The relevent value is populated In last 2 textboxes.So How I stoped this postback??So that all the data in 1st 3 textboxes will be same.So that I can edit the values of 2nd Grid with 1st 3 textBoxes value.. plz dirctly mail me 1 copy of post to...

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What is AutoEventWireup attribute for ?


What are the steps involved to fill a dataset?


How can exception be handled with out the use of try catch?


How do cookies work? Give an example of their abuse.


How to you can limit Access to Web API to Specific HTTP Verb?


What are the various ways to send content from one page to another?


Describe briefly what is the role of IIS on an ASP.NET application? What does it for the same application?


Which object wraps the state or data of a user?


in which protocol ASP.NET WEB API Work?


A Web Service Can Only Be Written In .net. Is it True??


What is the control toolkit?


How to find last error which occurred?


To redirect the user to another page which method do we use without performing a round trip to the client?


What's the use of response.output.write()?


How you will improve web application performance?