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  • RPG interview questions (5)

RPG Interview Questions
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i completed now iam preparing for drug inspector post so iwant a model question paper for that if it is there plz send me to my mail id

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Hi here is Mehul and my question is about time punctuality and regularity at job.Some times i may be late on job by 5- 10 minutes bt being loyal and superior to the company i gives 50 minutes extra or more than that against the 5-10 minutes late. So then, while appraisal why the managers focus on 5-10 minutes late inspit of going 1 or 2 hours late. what could be an explanation to them while appraisal?


what is SAP fullform

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any example should cover all three types of account in one entry

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what is the quantity of cement,sand and aggregate in 600*600*1600 mm in 1:4:8

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Short Answer on __________Event


hey any one has sample placement papers for citrix r&d, bangalore, pls send it to me on, i have got my tests on 3rd sep


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i wante appsc assistant engineer old question papers?


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ball pen is writtingg on paper


415v 14kw so can u tell me how i can measure the cable size.then size of the earth also


RPG Interview Questions
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