Dot Net Remoting Interview Questions
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What is a Windows process?

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What?s typical about a Windows process in regards to memory allocation?

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Explain what is the relationship between a Process, Application Domain, and Application?

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What are possible implementations of distributed applications in .NET?

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What are the consideration in deciding to use .NET Remoting or ASP.NET Web Services?


What?s a proxy of the server object in .NET Remoting?

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What are remotable objects in .NET Remoting?

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What are channels in .NET Remoting?

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What security measures exist for .NET Remoting in System.Runtime.Remoting?

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What is a formatter?

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Choosing between HTTP and TCP for protocols and Binary and SOAP for formatters, what are the trade-offs?

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What?s SingleCall activation mode used for?

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What?s Singleton activation mode?

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How do you define the lease of the object?

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Can you configure a .NET Remoting object via XML file?

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How can we call methods in remoting asynchronously?


How are the activation URLs different in case of SAO and CAO in .NET remoting?


What are the different types of channels used by .net remoting and which is the best one?


What are different types of assemblies?


What are the channels in .net remoting?


What are the ways to renew lifetime leases of objects?


What is the difference beween the registerwellknownservicetype() and registerwellknownclienttype()?


What are the types of remotable objects?


Define singlecall activation mode in .net remoting?


What are the security measures exist for .net remoting in system.runtime.remoting?


What is the difference beween the registeractivatedservicetype() and registeractivatedclienttype()?


What is asynchronous programming?


what is Client-activated object in remoting?


What are static assemblies and dynamic assemblies. Differences between them?


What is the Difference between CAO and SAO in Remoting.