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Dot Net Framework Interview Questions
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Is it possibe to run 2 aplication on single m/c, one App is on .Net Framework 1.0 and another one is on .Net Fremework 2.0?

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How can Bitwise OR operator reresents in .Net?? To which alias name a variable points to if it is declared as "int" variable??

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What is .NET Framework?

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Is .NET a runtime service or a development platform?

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What is CLR? How it will work?

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What is MSIL, IL, CTS?

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What is JIT and how is works ?

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What is strong name?

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Which is the base class for .net Class library?

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How would you make a combo-box appear in one column of a DataGrid?

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What are the ways to show data grid inside a data grid for a master details type of tables?

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If we write any code for DataGrid methods, what is the access specifier used for that methods in the code behind file and why?

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What is serialization in .NET? What are the ways to control serialization?

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What are the different authentication modes in the .NET environment?

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What is different between User Control and Web Control and Custom Control?

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Difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms?


Explain what languages does the .net framework support?


i have done enough testing in life but now stated developing intereset in development work,Can i think of entering into development work that too in >Net after more then 4 years of testing experiece?


What are authentication filters in web api?


What is viewbag?


What is viewbag title?


Which is the default http method for an action method?


How to enable Attribute Routing?


Explain Sections is ASP.Net MVC?


Is .net core replacing .net framework?


what is entityclient?


What is the use of view model in mvc?


Can you Write the GC(Garbage Collector) Algoritham in .NET? (But not Explination of Working of GC).


What is meant by viewdata?


What is net framework 3.0 ?