What is MSIL, IL, CTS?

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What is MSIL, IL, CTS?..

Answer / chinnu

MSIL is Microsoft Intermediate Language, whtever code
written in .net is complied into an intermediate native
language and this language is called MSIL, this language ia
again complied into low level intermediate lamguage called
Just In Time Compiler.

CTS is Common Type System that defines how variables,
methods are decalred & how object are defined & used

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What is MSIL, IL, CTS?..

Answer / prasad

MSIL,IL is same i.e All .net source code compiled to MSIL.
CTS means it is a set of type definations

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What is MSIL, IL, CTS?..

Answer / triveni

MSIT: MycroSoft Integrated Ltd.
CTS:Commun Type System.

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