Dot Net General Interview Questions
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Explain the .NET architecture.

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How many languages .NET is supporting now?

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How .NET is able to support multiple languages?

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How ASP .NET different from ASP?

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Resource Files: How to use the resource files, how to know which language to use?

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What is smart navigation?

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What is view state?


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What is .NET Framework?

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Is .NET a runtime service or a development platform?

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What are the new features of Framework 1.1 ?

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What is CLR? How it will work?


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What is MSIL, IL, CTS?

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What is JIT and how is works?

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What is strong name?

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What is portable executable (PE)?

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Elements of CAS


what is dotnet architecture? can anyone explain that.


How will you make .NET programs work in Linux ?


object is physical and class is class is not occupying any memory as our definition of class but i got a question then the class where it stores if it is not occupying any memory....


how can i create a table from front end to back end in wabe page?


What are the challenging issues you have faced in implementation project/Maintainance project in .net Functionality? How you have overcome that issue?


what is the keyword used for self reference?


Does .net supports destructors concept?


Explain Different kinds of methods?


How to instantiate a delegate?


i m fresher,hav SQL knowledge but in my ofc. i hav to work on dotnet. so plz tell me how to learn it,? from where to stat? i hav C prog. knowledge,


Is the COM architecture same as .Net architecture? What is the difference between them (if at all there is)?


Describe the Managed Execution Process?


What is Event - Delegate? clear syntax for writing a event delegate


Write Code for DataSet,Datareader,and by deleting the button gridview should be empty?