Is .NET a runtime service or a development platform?

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Is .NET a runtime service or a development platform?..

Answer / shh!!

Answer It?s both and actually a lot more. Microsoft .NET is
a company-wide initiative. It includes a new way of
delivering software and services to businesses and
consumers. A part of Microsoft.NET is the .NET Frameworks.
The frameworks is the first part of the MS.NET initiate to
ship and it was given out to attendees at the PDC in July.
The .NET frameworks consists of two parts: the .NET common
language runtime and the .NET class library. These two
components are packaged together into the .NET Frameworks
SDK which will be available for free download from
Microsoft?s MSDN web site later this month. In addition,
the SDK also includes command-line compilers for C#, C++,
JScript, and VB. You use these compilers to build
applications and components. These components require the
runtime to execute so this is a development platform. When
Visual Studio.NET ships, it will include the .NET SDK and a
GUI editor, wizards, tools, and a slew of other things.
However, Visual Studio.NET is NOT required to build .NET

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Is .NET a runtime service or a development platform?..

Answer / pradeep jagadeesan

In simple it is both runtime service and a development

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