What is CLR? How it will work?

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What is CLR? How it will work?..

Answer / dsr

CLR means common Language runtime. Which is Engine of .net
Platform. Which is responsible for execution of code, cross
Language interoperability, garbage Collection, Security,
Exception Handling.

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What is CLR? How it will work?..

Answer / filistin

Common language runtime(CLR) which enables dotnet to accept
many language like vb,c#,java etc,Any language inwhich we
are writting the code must comply with CLR and then it will
send to Microsoft intermediate language(MSIL) it will
compile and convert the language into managed code since
managed code is the only language known to .net compiler
its easy to use any compatible language in dotnet cross
language interoperability,security,execption handling also
possible only because of CLR.

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What is CLR? How it will work?..

Answer / sardarminal1990

it is common language run time. it is used with just in time
compiler to executed the program in .net framework.

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