What is JIT and how is works?

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What is JIT and how is works?..

Answer / versha

jit is stands for just in time compiler
in case of compilation
source code ->language compiler->MSIL->JIT->native\machine

in case of compilation the source code is compiled by its
language compiler like in case of vb.net it is compiled by
its lanfuage comiler and then convert it in MSIL which jit
can understand and then jit compile itand convert it in
machine code
types of jit
it compile all methods at one time compilation
it compile only those methods which are cslled at run
3)normal jit
it compile only those methods which are called at run time
and the mthods which are compiled at one time that is kept
in cache and next time when that need it tack from cache

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What is JIT and how is works?..

Answer / pankaj purohit

Agree with the Versha

But there are some different between Machine code and native
code. JIT convert in Native code and send it to CLR and then
CLR will send it to OS

Different Machine code run in a sequences start form a to z
and native code picks randomly.

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What is JIT and how is works?..

Answer / kirti

An acronym for "just-in-time," a phrase that describes an action that is taken only when it becomes necessary, such as just-in-time compilation or just-in-time object activation

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