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does .NET support multiple inheritance ?

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how do u achieve multilevel inheritance in .NET ?

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what is stage management ? (ASP.NET)

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what is session management ?

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How can u manage state ?

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how can u manage sessions ?

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Explain in-proc,out-proc and sql server.

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how would you manage data if u were not to use sessions or cookies ?

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which would be the best to use inproc,outproc or sql server

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how to manage session in webgarden ?

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What is a Windows Service and how does its lifecycle differ from a "standard" EXE?

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How can a win service developed in .NET be installed or used in Win98?

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What is this DLL hell problem in dotnet? Can a virtual class be created/can a virtual method be created inside the class?


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what is

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Difference between abstract class and interface

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Explain difference between state server and sqlserver? : .NET Architecture


Define the mesi? : Dot net architecture


What is IL code, CLR, CTS, GAC & GC?


Explain .net mobile events? : Microsoft dot net mobile


Define an interrupt? : Dot net architecture


What is the application frame host?


Waht is Dot net Arcitecture


Explain the number or character entered through keyboard gets converted to equivalent ascii code & it get stored on ram in the binary form. What is the exact procedure on hardware that converts the ascii value to binary? : .NET Architecture


How does an appdomain get created?


Explain 'managed' mean in the .NET context


Explain the race around condition? : .NET Architecture How can it be overcome? : .NET Architecture


Can I customise the trace output?


How do you handle this COM components developed in other programming languages in .NET?


8. Oop-Why and were we use Interfacse and Abstract class.


How does .net mobile work? : Microsoft dot net mobile