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does .NET support multiple inheritance ?

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how do u achieve multilevel inheritance in .NET ?

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what is stage management ? (ASP.NET)

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what is session management ?

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How can u manage state ?

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how can u manage sessions ?

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Explain in-proc,out-proc and sql server.

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how would you manage data if u were not to use sessions or cookies ?

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which would be the best to use inproc,outproc or sql server

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how to manage session in webgarden ?

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What is a Windows Service and how does its lifecycle differ from a "standard" EXE?

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How can a win service developed in .NET be installed or used in Win98?

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What is this DLL hell problem in dotnet? Can a virtual class be created/can a virtual method be created inside the class?


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what is


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Difference between abstract class and interface

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can u give me real example of how web.config overrides the machine.config file?


Difference between throw exception and rethrowing ?


5. Wcf- Session Managment


any one can explain about projectarchitecture and project approach briefly


what is the method while we are using adapter and dataset ?


HttpHendler and HttpModules


deference between display and visibility property of CSS


what is the difference between running an application with and without debugger?


difference between Response.write,server.transfer and also which one is used when ?


IS IT Possible to inherit the AJAX page from child class which(child) is inherit from page class.Because i should apply some security in child class


Waht is Dot net Arcitecture


What are the options provived by vss to the user? how it will help us while delevoping application?


what is diffrent beatween localprinter and networkprinter


question related to table havi colspan and row span


what are constructors and destructors?