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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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what should he know if he is an assitent engineer instrumentation in cement industries of experience of 10 - 15 year.


we callculat main steam flow by D.P. but where is H.P. & L.P. IN Orfics?

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what is orfics working in main steam line. is it increase pressure, velocity of steam flow and dicrease steam flow rate. or any other


Advantages of servers over normal desktop in PLC SCADA system


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difference between plc and dcs?


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How many input(Analog and digital) and outputs(Analog and digital) are there in DELTA v DCS Version 7.0?

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what is hall effect?where it is use in power plant?

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what is the procedure to isolate flow a transmitter and flushing it?


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kindly tell where orifice,nozzle,air foil,ventury used in flow measurement?

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tell how to calibrate a magnetic flow tx, vortex flow tx,dp flow tx,nozzle flow tx and venturi flow tx?


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In Boiler Drum Level- Level control valve how can it tuning (PID)?

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I need circuit for RTD senser?


what is difference between RTD and Thermocouple?

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hii my name is sujith...i am preparing for HPVL GET 2010... so ,,,pls help me by send any previous questions or material to my site.....( thank q


why metallic housing is provided of solenoid valve.


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what is the reason while warning lamp is on while the engine is cranking?


what are procedure of sox-nox calibration


what is sliding spool valves?


we have a s-5 simense plc having op7 .recently on op7 showing error 1.plc not present 2. DB error frequently. can u have any solution . please send me.


how to measure draft pressure in transmitter pl. give its single line digram


what is function of sensor, and how is it work , explain with difination


how do calibrate the valves.. with clear manual


Which tank weighing system is better to install (Accuracy point of view) 1) Tank weighing system with 3 load cell or 2) Tank weighing system with 4 Load cell


any body please send me the old question papers of ongc test.


basic connection and principle of axial shift sensor n differential sensors in tubine describes n draw......


what is o2 analyzer and how it measured ,what is the role of this analyzer in cfbc boiler...


How can we use feedback signal frm rtd for monitoring and in dcs for controlling ,then which type of rtd is sutaible 2 , 3,4wire and why ?


pls provide me syllabus and old question paper of instrumentation engineering for GET(JSPL)


can any one explain in which term we are flow flow is it volumetric r is it mass? and y


why micro controller 8051/52's clock frequency is internally divide by 12 ?? and why it is further divide by 32 in UART serial communication ??