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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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The Design Calculation of Level Transmitter For Different Structure open & Closed Vessel, Eg. Diff. Level Tx., Capacitance For Continous Operation



What is diff between Ingral orifice and simple orifice?where it use?

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as an instrumentation engineer which are the things we have to know / or we must have idea about that....

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what is different between modbus and serial link? please could anybody give right answer.

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What is pressure,What is temperature,What is flow,What is level

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what is difference between OP AMP and differential amplifier?


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hi am durga, i just now completed my eie [2009] , can anyone please guide me what r courses i need to join to enter into core company

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thermocouple output is AC OR DC??

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hi i'm an Instrumentation student,i have one doubt that we can call- > computer science as CS > Information science as IS > Electronics & communication as E & C In the same way what is short term for Instrumentation....?

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Is there devices to convert mechanical energy/rotational energy into electrical energy.......? PLease suggest me....

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give me the formula for analog to digital converter and also d to a converter



Im having problems with interfase betwen SPI v7.0 and SPPID v5.05. Previous versions of Intools shoul be fixed with SPPIDproj.ocx file. It was necessary to replace this file with one that allows the connection between different versions of SPPID. It is necessary in the current version to do the same?Thanks


what is Micro-switch and where it is used......?

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what is meant by calibration

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what is the diffirence between Earth and Neutral

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Coal mill Instruments Equipments for cement plant And process diagram ?


How we can check the 2 wire proxy switch? & how it is connected to DI MODULE OF PLC?


how u calibrate pneumatic n motorized c/v?


I want to know the questions asked in ONGC interview(after being selected in the written exam) for Instrumentation branch.Kindly help.


i am having information technology branh ....... can i prepare for psu exam


why micro controller 8051/52's clock frequency is internally divide by 12 ?? and why it is further divide by 32 in UART serial communication ??


a flow transmitter [range-0-400mbar] connected in process line. please explain me how to calibrate the flow transmitter , & how to do static error


what are the use of belew gear in general ??


How to convert milliampares into flow??


Can anybody tell me which type of question are asked in the interview for the FORMULATION(Pharma) as a instrumentation engineer, & question in building managment system.


What are the different types of thermistors used in industries? How to the operation of typical thermistor?


Calibration procedure for Electro magnetic Flow meter


Explain about safety integrated level protection? . How it was differ from other protections ?


What types of Instrumentation Related Questions can an Interviewer ask in a Telephonic Interview ?


Operational amplifiers