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Exxon Mobil Interview Questions
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Describe a complex problem you have solved or haven't solved?

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How did you go about planning for a recent event/project you handled? pls answer my question asap!!!

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what questions should be asked to a mechanical maintenance technician

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When a field input to plc is coming from 400 to 600 meters and the input is in 24 V DC? So signal cable of which cross section i should select for proper signal to plc?

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what three specific job positions do u target from the company.

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What is your achievement and goal in your life,where would you like to see yourself in the next few years?

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One of the following is my secret word: AIM DUE MOD OAT TIE. With the list in front of you, if I were to tell you any one of secret word, then you would be able to tell the number of my secret word. Which is my secret word?

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1)Why Bearing used in Motor and pumps. 2) Why Mechanical seal used in Pumps.

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what is meant by calibration

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Any Transmitter Range (Span value) start from 2?

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Exxon Mobil Interview Questions
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