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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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For 150 mtr cable run from DCS panel to transmitter (24 VDC with 4-20 ma output), need cable size. 1.5 sqmm is suitable?


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How we can re-range the DP transmitter, range is -0.5 to 2.0bara. new range is -0.5 to 5 bar


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Which are all the commonly used Bordon tubes in the pressure gauges. Do any one use ASTM A 312 tubes for this purpose?


how its work inductive proximity sensor explain briefly?

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INtools Trainining

Monarch Techno Engineering Solutions,

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Dear all, I'm manikandan I have done by DIPLOMA EEE from 2011 , I have 5 years of experience from Power plants instrumentation field , which one field is give long life & which one field is best ,I confused a lot And also I'm studying AMIE, can I choose which field from Section B examination?

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In a gas over oil actuator, after the opening/closing of valve, how the gas is vented out? How does the hydraulic/gas circuit function?



meaning of SMART


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In instrumentation standard we use 4 to 20ma for transmission , why cant we use 3 to 19ma ?


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How to interfacing microcontroller with a DC motor

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How can i solve the problem of ROSEMOUNT 5300 guided wave level transmitter of full range? For more clearfication , another guided wave level transmitter VEGA brand have the same problem and i solved it by drain the champer from water and make "false signal suppretion" from transmitter push buttons it's configuration to tell the transmitter to avoid any built-up signal ,,, so my question how can i avoid the problem that rosemount read full range while the champer empty or any other ????

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What is the function of solenoid valve in on/off & shutdown valve and why it is not used in control valve normally?


how to calibrate level transmitter


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what is principal of pressure transmitter?

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what is the criteria to decide conductor size of a cable ?


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what is diffrance between FF & SMART, explain with difination


few questions on RS 232,1 question on relationship of impedance and turns ratio, many questions on flowmeters


dear friends, i have seen flow as the selection critriea in presure guage (bourdon tube) and i would like to know what is the relation between flow and performance of pressure guage other parameters i found in the data sheet are pressure max. 1ksc temperature max. - 50 deg c line size - 80NB operating range - 1ksc pr. guage range - 0-2 ksc thank u,


Using your own examples solve a problem involving normal table. (experimental method and analysis)


Linear amplifier.


what is function of SCADA , and how is it work, explain with difination


why fuse block is not used for AI signal?


What is instrumentation technologists and mechanics?


What is zener diode? What is voltage regulator?


principle of automatic votage regulator


steps for installing orifice plate?


what is IEC code in cables & how to selecting cables?


i have steam drum height 1000mm. and i want to placed the transmitter below the i calculate.


please send the drdo exam paper


What is the cascade control