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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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what is sliding spool valves?


what are the diff. in servo and regulatory control?


which flow meter is use for measuring the open channel flow?

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How to calibrate an pressure gauge with yantrika test bench?


what are the difference between conventional and smart transmitter.

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What is the calibration procedure of Drum level transmitter if range is 0 to -400 mmh2o in lab?


What is mean by SMART in an Instrumentation. is any full form for SMART?

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What is MLFB number for Siemens?N How they are defined?Give me Answer with example like take any Signal module....

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what is the Instrumentation?


9 7566 friends.i am an electronics & instrumentation engineer.i want to know Q1.why lugs use in instrumentation cable termination? Q2.if limit switch not working what to do?

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HOw To Use 24V DC in Instrument?

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how i can copy paste the program of smart transmitter to another smart one with hart communicator?


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Hi all, I am Mohamed from Algeria, I'm a senior Technician qualified in instrumentation. I work in an international petroleum and gas company (SONATRACH: Separation of associated gas from crude oil. Production of condensate, LPG and re-injection of dry gas) within the regulation & Control instrumentation department.I am interested for working in Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) in Qatar.Now,I am seeking a position, which is an opportunity for me to put my experience to good use and actually participate in running on this company. So, Can anyone help how to contact this company? Thanks Mohamed,

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What are the different type of instrument used in cement industry with uses


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what is power factor?

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Hi i m B.E. In elect. & comm. I m workin in bio mass plant from 6 mnths as inst. Engg. but now i m in dept. Of operation as shift engg...which is best operation or inst. 4 me? M confusd..plz help and reply me..


How to calculate P,I&D value in PID controller ?


please tell me what is a light up procedure of Cfbc boiler and what it's axuillaries of cfbc boiler?


why we use sensing type(NPN)on a vibration monitring system not a (PNP)sensing type


selection of the zener barrier for the hazardeous area zone 0


can any one tell me when ongc placement test and its forms is available????/ pls tell me if u know


Draw a P& ID showing – orifice flange, plate, dp transmitter, isolation & bypass valves and tubing.


A valve in series with an orifice plate (DP transmitter), is aligned for constant pressure in the pipeline, if there is an error dx, How to align it in process.


Is it ok, to use non-contact type Radar type LT, on a tank that is half circular from the bottom side? If yes the, isn't the waves gonna bent in other directions? 


What are different type of instrument cable


flow transmeter accuracy 0.075% of full scale & find ucertainty is 0.025 % so what is maximum limit band of uncertainty


What are the charcterstics of a P&ID controller block for Governor speed raise or lower for a load sharing functionality between 4 Gas turbines in droop mode.


In my company plc based winders are operated. one day there was a data transmission failure alarm shown on pc. as per sir instruction we have reset master plc but winders were not triped and alarm gone. so what master plc do?


How does your previous experience relate to the job you are applying for ?


What is the use of gauge?