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UPSC History Interview Questions
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UPSC, Wipro,

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During whose dynasty the famous temples of Jagannatha at Puri and Sun god temple at Konarak were constructed

1 1517

Who was the founder of Gajapathi Dynasty of Orissa

1 1406

Who founded the state of Mewar

1 1525

On which occasion the "Tower of Victory" was constructed by Rana Kumba

1 1590

Who was the Kashmir ruler described as Akbar of Kashmir Shahi Khan

1 1730

What were the reasons for foundation of Bahmani Kingdom

1 2507

On the ruins of which Hindu Kingdom the Muslim kingdom of Golconda was grown up

1 2401

With which the Qutbshahi Kingdom of Golconda was world famous

1 1550

Who was the founder of Hyderabad

1 1735

Vijayanagar city was located on the banks

1 1641

Who was responsible for extension of Vijayanagar empire over South India

1 1535

To which dynasty did Krishnadevera belonged

1 1384

Who was the king of Vijayanagar at the time of battle of Talikota

1 2246

Who were Kaikkolas

1 3529

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