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UPSC History Interview Questions
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Which is the greatest monument of ancient Tamil literature during Sangam Age

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Why the Sangam rulers planted a tree called Kadimaram at a central place of the town and took great care of it

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Which signifies the term ?Variyam? during Sangam Age

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Which non-aryan social belief has been continuing in Tamil Nadu since Sangam Age

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Who is important god of Tamils during Sangam age

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Why mercantile community was most attracted to Jainism

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IN which year Lord Buddha was born


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What is the real name of Buddha

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What are knows as ?Four Great Signs? which affected the life of Siddhartha

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What are the practical aspects of Buddha?s teachings

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What are the three Jewels of Buddhism

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Why Acharya Nagarjuna was known as Einstein of India

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How the reign of king Kanishka was turning point to buddhism

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What is the meaning of Buddhist Law or Doctrine of Karma

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What is the meaning of word ?Jaina?

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