UPSC History Interview Questions
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What was the name of Military head in Delhi Sulthanate

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why the round table confrence 1931 is called as ROUND TABLE CONFRENCE

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name of indian states which is proclaimed by emergency

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Which author translated the Ramayana in Jainism and rendered a Jain version of it called, Paumucarya

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What does the term ghatika refer to ?

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Which newspaper was started by Madan Mohan Malviya ?

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With whom is the Ryotwari settlement associated ?

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In the Maratha administration, who was Waqa-i-navis ?

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The dockyard in Lothal was connected through a channel to which river ?

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The Gayatri Mantra is addressed to which deity ?

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Which Sikh guru laid the foundation of Amritsar ?


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Which of the following was a unit of land measurement ?

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What is kharaj ?

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who controlled the roman senat after the plebians


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Who was the first person to hang till death during Freedom stuggle? 1.Bhagat Singh 2.Ram Pd. Bismil 3.Khudi Ram Bose 4.Asfak Ullah Khan.


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