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UPSC History Interview Questions
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By whom Hazura temple was built

1 2521

In which language did Krishnadeva Raya wrote Amuktamalyada

1 3158

Which festival was famously celebrated by Vijayanagar empire

1 3532

Which music largely influenced the Hindustani music

1 1622

Which was specified as finest architecture of the Lodis

1 1341

Which music instrument is finest example of Indo Islamic synthesis

1 1755

In which areas Amir Khusrau was famous

1 1731

Why the teachings of Guru Nanak were more popular than Kabir

1 1514

"One store is adored, another is trodden under foot. If one is God, the other is also a God", who said it

1 1321

Why Quran was vital for Sufi mysticism

1 1463

What is the social impact of Bhakti Movement on medieval Hindu society

1 1901

The Saktas and dogs are both brother, the one is asleep while the other barks", who said it

1 1565

At what age did Akbar's coronation was done

1 1786

What are the Akbar's Rajput Policy elements

1 1992

By whom Abul Fazl, the author of Akbar Nama was murdered

1 3238

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