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SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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If I had to configure hourly wages, say for a week, the employee works for 56 hours, where would I do that?

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. What are primary and secondary wage types? What does /559 stand for?

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How did you integrate Payroll with Financial Accounting for Payroll processing?

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How did you create pay scale structure?

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What is the difference between Personnel Area and Pay scale Area? If I had 1000 areas, would i create 1000 pay scale areas)

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What is the taxation you used for USA.

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What were the reports generated by you in payroll?

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What is the difference between exempt employee and non exempt employee?

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What is meant by wage type characteristics? Explain it by taking the example of Basic Pay.

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What was the type of time recording you used in time management. Positive or negative? What is positive time recording and negative time recording? What are the differences between them?

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How do you transfer data from PA to OM.

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what is the use of structural authorizations?

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hi, i am 4 years experienced in a customised local ERP run by our company. I have implemented Stores, Purchase, HR and Finance modules of the same. I am very much intersted in getting into SAP-HR, though i am not a HR person. Is there any institution which gives training and also jobs to freshers in SAP-HR? If not HR which specialisation should i try out as i also know Redhat linux and Win2003 Server.



what is key or knowledge data structure??? does any one have a format of it for hr??? needed on early basis....


does any one have format for blue print and to be process document???? help needed on early basis....



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What is qualifications subprofile?


In which it do you assign an applicant to a vacancy. Where do you assign that status?


What is roles and responsibilities of sap hr consultants?


What is symbolic a/c?


When does a user not allowed to proceed further in an application?


Can you delete the plan version?


Explain controlling area.


Integration between personnel administration & om?


what does a training menu comprised of?


What charateristics define how the wage type will be defined in the payroll run?


What are dynamic actions and how do you create dynamic actions in sap?


What is workflow management?


what are the key components of the sap employee self service (ess) application?


What is the report to activate a feature?


Which report is used to change the status of several object records at the same time?