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SAP PP (Production Planning) Interview Questions
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If the scenario is''Party is supplying some material we have to do the some processing operation on it, how it cab be handled in SAP"


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When will the order fully settlement?


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Sir, i am BE mech qualified & around 9 years exp in industrial line especially production.Now i am looking for change to SAP PP.Is it too delay to switch over. I am waiting for valid answer from all.Pl do the needful & email to my email id

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What is BOM Group and Group BOM


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What MRP does with Capacity overload


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What are mandatory fields for PP configuration

Accenture, Wipro,

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I have having 14 years manufacturing experence & 6 years in SAP-PP/QM.Was a core member during implementation.Now I want to work as Functional Consultant in SAP-PP/QM.What should I do for getting the jobs.


I want to make a career in SAP-PP/QM from the existing manufacturing experence.

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What is Routing & rerouting


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when we need to close the production order, before the manufacturing or after the manufacturing


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1.what are all the types in backflashing? and T-cde for it 2.what are the different places we can give back flush indicator? 3.what is product cost collector & its t-code? 4.what are all the costs involved in product cost collector many types of SOP?what is t-code for SOP 6.scheduling parameters for a production orders do you carry out capacity leveling 8.can you dispatch capacity for a single work center

SAP Labs,

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what is the difference between backward scheduling and forward scheduling ?

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What is the difference between production version & variant configuration?

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What are the questions we need while we go company for analysis to implementation SAP? What we need to know generally? How can we define we need abab for improvement?


1. how Product Cost Collector Works? 2. What are the master data for MRP? 3. In a production order without making goods issue, i should not be able to do goods receipt. How do we do it? 4. i have one particular part 'A'. it is available in two storage location X & Y. when i run MRP, I don't want MRP to consider stock that are available in storage location Y. what should be done. 5. for in-house production, planned order are generated & for external procurement purchase requisition. i want, system will go in external procurement to a particular vendor. what is the setting? 6. what are the problems you faced in MRP?


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What are the keyfields found in mrp view 1?


What is the use of mrp group?


How to delete a group of products that was created in screen mc84 ?


You want to create object dependencies in a bom for configurable materials? How would you navigate?


What does the use of ms70 followed by mcec get you?


How to attach a drawing for a material to bom ? Is it possible ?


Explain how to create prt master records?


Explain what is plm (product lifecycle management) in sap pp and what is the use?


Can mrp be carried out for one particular level of a bom ( level code : 0001/0002 etc)?


Difference between PP and PI.


Have you used Pull list or back flushing in REM?


How to create PRT master record?


What is a ‘routing’ in pp?


Consignment matl how will be use


Explain what is the meaning of exploding a bom?