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SAP PP (Production Planning) Interview Questions
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while extending the material master view after saving error is coming that the field material number is defined as a required field,it doesnt contain an entry. After selecting that it is showing the particular material may be locked. Pls do the needful.

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Difference b/w Co-product & by-Product


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In sugar industry... baggases is produced. is it considered as by-product or co-product? n why by-product n why not co- product, vice versa, plz give brief explaination? see baggase, we never sale it. It is used for the power generation. plz suggest me as early as possible.

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my scenario is repetitive manufacturing (REM) make-to-stock (MTS)production for sugar industry. What are the things, I have to customize for this scenario, to the PP point of view..


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Hi Sir, Please guide me i am an BSc computer science graduate with MBA in Agri business having 3 years of exp in Food Processing Industry in Production please advice shall i persue with SAP PP? Many thanks


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can any one tell me what is the difference between MRP and MPS?

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What do you mean by Production Support,with some examples?


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What is availability check? How can it be done?


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How you can implement new Production Order type?


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What are the main controls in MRP?

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In SAP PP,how do you have relation with end users?

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What is COIS?


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What are commmon tickets in SAP PP in support project,examples?

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What are the common questions,asked at SAP PP Full time face to face interview?

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What is BPP? in detail.

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What is MRP group?


What are the three 'mrp procedures'?


Splitting of production order & product version


We want the system to run a single level mrp automatically on receipt of the sales order. How to configure triggering event based mrp?


What happens to plan after it has been converted into production order?


What is alternate item group?


Explain the lsmw and the steps involved in them.


What is time phased Planning?


How to create object dependencies in a bom for a configurable material?


What is Material status and which view of the material master it is available?


Define mrp controller


What is planning horizon?


What is the use of mrp list?


What is group bom?


What is mrp group and what is the use of it?