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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Hi guys i attended interview for itc kolkatta that guy asked me in ur implementation what the fit gap u had u had configured or thru abaper.plz can anyone tell the scenario for it

ITC Infotech,

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can some body give me some idea on integrations of sd and sap crm service


how does company knows that vendor deliver the goods to the customer in third party sales process


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Kindly pls give me brief explanation about SAP SD CIN to under stand the basics & not give the entire configuration part it would be higly appreciated if some one help me at the earliest, regards, Srinu


How many types of Tickets in real time terminology? Any new Customization in recent project related to SD module

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This is regarding Supplementary Invoice for the Price Difference. I have raised Invoice with 10 rs.But the Price was Ammended and new Price has toEffect.But we alredy raise the invoice with old price.Can any one suggest how to Config Supplementary Invoice.Do we need to change from sales order.R directly we can do at Pricicng level.

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what are the difference between verstions of 5.o and ecc6.0

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what is the difference between the functional conslatant and technical consaltant in SAP. what are the duties of them.


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how to change the account group of a customer

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what is the use of enterprise structure in SAP-SD module?

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where can i find all the customers in my company and what is the t code

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where can i find all the customers in my company and what is the t code

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quotation is created with 5 line item when am doing sales order with reference with quotation only 3 item are coming in sales order copy control everything is ok waht setting shell i do


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What is Batch Process?

Cap Gemini,

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How system carry outs availability check during sale order process?


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How is the 'shipping point' determined by the system?


Describe the process flow for a credit memo.


What are the primary functions of sales and distribution?


What is post goods issue (pgi) ?


What is the function of Profit center in Material master and how will system react when it finds Profit center in MM/when it does not find Profit center in MM? Plz answer for both the scenarios?


What is the difference between a sales activity and a sales document?


What is the business process of excise tax and how do you relate that in sap?


What are the three levels that copy controls are set up? And what are the transaction codes through which it could be done?


Diff between business sale cycle nd customer sale cycles?


what are the techniques available in delivery scheduling?


What is meant by transfer of data from legacy code to sap?


What is act key? And how it works? Normally how many pricing procedures do in implementation?


Hi friends. What is the test script. Pls explain me with example. And also what is the End user documentation. In this documentation what is the information are there. What is the use of it.


After setting up a batch job (schedule the backlog report) by T Code SM36, i am getting error mail from user saying that, the reports r not recieving to his mail box, can any one help me regading this, how to resolve? will be greate help.. Thanks


Sending invoice via email I have a requirement to send the invoice copy to the customer or agent that will be specified at the time of sending the invoice (it should not be configured before). How do I configure this and where do I set the indicators?