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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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How is pricing procedure determined?

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How is item category determined?


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What is condition exclusion?

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What is condition supplement?

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T.code for cust.master creation?

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T.code to release del. Blocked due to credit check?


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Relationship between company code and sales organization?

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Difference between discount and rebate?

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When is material determination trigerred?

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How is credit control determined?

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General Question..How many cons. Do u have in your project?

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What are dependencies in variant configuration?

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Where do you maintain factory calendar?

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what are 16 fields in pricing procedure?

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Types of billing?

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During route determination the system also needs to know the departure zone of the goods to be shipped. How does this information come into the sales order?


What is a handling unit?


What is the difference between connected & unconnected lookup?


How do you determine the 'plant' in sales and distribution?


Hi Team, this question is related to 3rd party. customer is given order for 20 materials and vendor delivered to customer only 10 material . As per my knowledge vendor invoice will be for 10 material and customer invoice will be for 10 material but my question is how billing quantity will change in sales order against which we have need to create customer invoice for 10 material only. what configuration we need to do for update sales order quantity for order related billing for customer. how vendor will deliver rest 10 material to close this order? could you please share your input with screen shot. Thanks in Advance.


Is it possible to perform an availability check based on the plant yet exclude one storage location?


What is ‘consignment stock processes'?


Define credit control area (t014)?


What is a transfer order and for what would you use it?


Explain what is condition types? What is the path to define condition type in sap for pricing?


HOw u have Implement credit management for your client in ur current project >Tell how it starts and it ends.Please provide some real time examples.


Is there an user exit to copy the data into planning table?


What is the difference between plant and storage location?


What is sap posting period?


What are the parameters in fd32?