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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what do u mean by rollout project?

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Difference between customizing and configuration.?give with examples?


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For retro active billing, is there any configuration to be done apart from the Pricing Procedure(with Rebate cond types)? Say suppose if i have some 1000 documents, does i get 1000credit or debit memos or is there any solution for wre i shud not get credit or debit memo.(bcoz VFRB gives us ony credit or debit) Plz do give some of ur inputs. Thanks Satvik TR

SAP Labs,

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monitoring Magic Service help desk for issue posted by the end user on daily basis (2) Analy



Analyzing and resolving the case on priority level


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Resolving the issues within SLA Time frame


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Gather Information For better understanding &analyze cases received through LNOB for pirs &ccrs


Trouble4 shooting , handiling issues with different level of priorties


supporting the end users for their issues through remedy (supporting Toll)

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please explain implemention END To End

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Explain implemption Start To End


Understanding Clint business process & Relevant Sap Logic Review of Business & Technical Documention


Explain Involved In As is & to Be study


Explain Participated actively In Preparation Of bule print documet with respect to sd module * getting it singned off

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Explain Customization ,unit testing ,Validation , Integration testing user acceptance for enhancements & developments & Configurations


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Can any body can give me the example for business scenarios in industry specific solution you work with for sap sd interview bez I just finished the training.


How can one billing document type has 2 different number system? Basically if there are two documents belonging to same document type but for two different plants, then how come they both have different number system?


Explain the relationship between sales organizations, plants and company codes.


What is the movement type you used in consignment process?


we are using order related billing and billing get generated automaticaly in overnight run.As my q is user has cancel the biliiing document after creating that one.but after cancelation no cancel accounting document get sales order remain closed and no billing document get generate in overnight run.but when user has created the Credit memo order with respect to cancel billing document the respective sales order get open and billing document get generate in overnight can you please tell me hwo the system come to knoe after rasing the credit meno order that billing document has cancled and sales order has open so the billing document will be craete.please help me regarding thsi query.


Define credit control area (t014)?


Define tax determination rules


Is there a way to provide external carriers with access to sap transportation management information and transactions? : transportation management


How to create sales group?


What are inter-company customers?


I have 7+years of experience in sales & Marketing, I recently completed my SAP SD training and now I'm looking for job on the same prior that if someone help in getting real-time training will be great helI'm Ready to join as trainee for 3-6 months for handsome of experience with or without stipend. Thanks in advance Vishnu


What is the central organizational element in purchasing?


Hai, Please post all SAP SD Q&A to my emailid:


what is the reversal pgi? Can you cancel the pgi and mention the transaction code for pgi?


What is the purpose of the sales document type?