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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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In sales order what fields are mandatory????


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When you raise a sales order what field get filled by default??


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When you save a sales order what's the background process which takes place??

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I dont want to take print out as a output type while creating a sales order, instead i want to send it as a IDOC. what customization i have to do?


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i don't want to give a certain discount to a customer if he exceeds the credit limit. what customization i have to do for that?

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while doing consignment fill up an accounting doc will generate, what is that?


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In route determination, should we always have to put transportation zone in customer master manually or it determined by the system?

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How to configure credit check of a customer or how should system give an error message when credit limit expires?

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In sales order how to know which condition types are Exclusion marked?

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Can we maintain two pricing procedure for same order type? 1 for day time another for night time ?

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I have 3 yrs exp in software develoment and 5 yrs exp in ERP consultant. Now i want to start my carrier in SAP so I have completed SD module from a private certified consultant, Now i want to prepare my self for intreview, can any one suggest me how can i prepare my self. any one contact me on

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Hi Experts, The sales order is raised for 4 items and these items will be having the payment terms i,e for 30 days the company gives 2 % discount but i want to increase the credit validity period of that particular 4 th line item only for 45 days i,e the grace period for that particular line item will be incresed to 45 days with same 2% discount ,can any one suggest me how could it can be done. Thank q


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1. Credit Control Area can be mapped to Sales Area and Company Code. To which systems gives priority? 2. Whether Credit Memo request will be generated only when Rebate agreement tgt amount is achieved? 3. How to have different Pricing procedure for a Billing Doc and Credit Memo Request? 4. Credit Memo request to Credit Memo: what are the accounting entry changes? 5. Copy Control: Significance of Assignment option? 6. One time customer: How system will react while creating Order using one time customer?

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Dear Experts, I want to know the particular customers consignment delivery documents only not other than that i do not want the normal delivery how can we get only the consignment stock of delivery docs created for the customer.


if the end user faces a problem in doing credit note,that is he was unable to post the accounting docs in credit memo so how can we resolve it and what is reason that why it is not posting in credit memo?


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What is plant in sap?


Give 3 scenario of reporting due to which you require reporting help of ABAP consultant?


Can you explain what a statistical condition is? Give an example for a statistical condition?


How is sap transportation management licensed by sap? : transportation management


How is the item text copied from sales order to delivery?


Where do you assign text determination procedures for customer master records and for documents?


When the system checks availability which scheduling would it use first?


How do we transfer stocks under one company code from plant to plant?


A 'plant' is assigned to which of the entities in the sd organization?


What is incompletion log?


what are the components of sd?


Explain about distribution channel?


What is a typical duration and cost of an sap transportation management implementation? : transportation management


Hi , I am 38 Yrs old and having 10 years of experience in trading industries like Computer hardware,software and steels and education field .I am having some exp of working in SAP as core team also. i want to know is there any limitations of AGE in SAP .


I am in the va02 transaction for a sales order and want to reject the line items and cancel the entire sales order. What is the menu path needed to achieve this goal?