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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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How do you define the free goods item category?


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How do you control the pricing of the free goods item


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How many types of free goods scenarios are there in SAP?


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What is the difference between the various scenarios of free goods?


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Explain the basic configuration of free goods.


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Can you give 2 different free goods with one main item? If yes then how do you do this in SAP?


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What is the standard access sequence for free goods in SAP?


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What is the standard condition type for free goods?


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Where do you assign the free goods procedure? Why do you do it for that only?



How do you maintain the free goods condition record?


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Whether Free goods should be determined or not for a Sales Order?


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If on "sales order" you have "credit check" that you can use to see if the customer is good, what is the equivalent of this when you are making a consignment transaction? I want to limit the total quantity of stocks in the customer's premise (for consignment). Which one should I configure?


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i created delivery document 1000 qty and made batch split in 4 line item as 250 each, while doing Invoice showing 4 line item. i need make it one line item of 1000 Qty. In VTFL, what changes has to be made?

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In delivery process how can pickup the quantity automatically? with out doing manually?


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what are the besic settings for output determination and what are the setting for getting E-mail output after saving the sales order?


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Can you explain the modern technologies in sap? Do you use this in your current project?


What are the important 'customer master records'?


What is the parallel and local currency in sap?


What are the responsibilities of a functional consultant in an implementation project?


Do you participate in implementatation? What is your role in imp. Phase? what have udone in implementation? Which methodology you use in imp.?


Dear Gurus, Can u please post some real time tickets with solutions and what are the different tools used in Support SD consultant and their team size


Would you have different customer numbers if your customer was serviced by more than one company code?


hi friends i am Manohar from hyderabad.i have recently completed MBA+SAP SD -now i am looking for a job-what is best way to get job? can get job as fresher? or with fake experience? i am in a confusion plz help how to approach companys or consultancy which can provide sap job? plzzzzzzzzzzz


Name at least five features that you can control for the schedule line category? Relevance for delivery, availability check, transfer of requirements, goods movement, purchasing and incompletion log.


Can we assign multi distribution channel to a single customer in sap sd sales process. If yes then how?


Does sap transportation management require the installation of sap erp? : transportation management


Kindly pls give me brief explanation about SAP SD CIN to under stand the basics & not give the entire configuration part it would be higly appreciated if some one help me at the earliest, regards, Srinu


Once you create a sales order, how do you confirm to the customer like I have the stock for ATP to check for the customer?


Can anyone walk me through the process of what happened when you do the post good issue in delivery? Moment type 601, let’s take that as an example, what happened in SAP? Suppose 601-moment type is posted in SAP, what happened when you do PGI (Post Goods Issue) as any account happens and if yes then what kind of account posting happens. please tell me, after PGI is completed what happens?


What is physical inventory management?