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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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where can you do user maintenance for a java engine?

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If have 5 years of experience with JD Edwards (ERP), would it be like starting from scratch to learn SAP (ERP)? I have been told that my experience with JDE is not relative to working with SAP.

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is a transport route bidirectional?can you transport requests generated during client copy(scc8)from production to dev?

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how do you lock users if CUA is configured?

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during client export(scc8),what type of requests are created,customizing or workbench?

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what is the use of tcode SUSHARE in SAP and how the mass user authorizations compared?


how can the client export files be created at OS level.

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a user says he couldn't login.his account isn't locked,not expired,no network issues.what will you do?


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how do you register developers?


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as a basis consultant,what all tasks you've done on unix?


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describe the procedure for java stack upgradation.


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in oracle how to find whether archive mode is enabled or not?


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how to uninstall a snote?


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once a request is imported,is there any way to undo it? how about version management?

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how to check if your R3 system is unicode or non-unicode?

Atos Origin,

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What is rfc connection?


i'm new for security, pls help if assign the t-code to parent it wll effect to child role or not. can we assign to t-code directly to child role? it wll work or not?


What are the regular activities u do in solution manager and how


What is the use of patches in sap system? Could you name few common patch types?


how can i change access to a user who is having access for SPRO display only to change access in sPro


Hi i am Ramesh want to know that which course in sap is most suitable for my younger brother who has BSC qualification and is this course is job oriented

1187 to retrive corrupt file in back up ? 2.what post actives of patching increase the file size in unix


What is the role of “ application server” ?


In the Sap Easy Access Menu I see the menu System -> User Profiles ->Own Data. Other options Hold Data is to keep data values that you have entered in a field of an application for the duration of the session; SET DATA not to overwrite the data and DELETE DATA to delete the set data. Can somebody explain me the Hold Data, Set Data and Delete Data with examples, i mean giving an example of fields?


What are the different modules of SAP?


i am arun, as of now i am working in a power plant. I did B.E mech and have completed PGDC in thermal power plant engineering from NPTI(NATIONAL POWER TRAINING INSTITUTE). I started my career in software oly , as i dono any software languages i got failed in conformation exam. Pls help me , i want to enter software field. in this powerplant field 6 working days for week and holiday is also not sunday, i am not able 2 tc of my family... pls help me how to enter sf fielf. my frds sujjested me 2 try as functional after 2 years. wats the procedure for that... pls pls help me in this issue I have 1 year exp in power plant, i knew mechanical design software. my id :


What are the different types of sap profiles?


If I want only transaction data to be copied.What profile should I select, while doing local client copy within the same apllication server. Else is there any other way to perform above task?


What is sap market place?


How do you check the users logs in your system and how many sessions each user is generating?