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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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What is Remote Transaction Processing?

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HI , As an SAP BASIS member , Why do we need to monitor lock entries(SM12) and Update Errors(SM13) , wht is the trouble shooting for those ?

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What are the post steps after client copy ?


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what all checks will you perform when sap is down

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Hi ,All What is the multi-threading and max connections for rfc. Actually i am facing problem while send large amount of idocs to external system using middle ware tibco r3 adapter. And how to enable these in SAP ?



if user calls and reports to you that his background job is taking long time, and which normally does not take so much time. What will you do?


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Can you import a transport request using STMS_QUEUES and STMS_IMPORT?

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Hi Folks from SAP world, My name is herald and working in a distribution center. i graduated as an engineer so i got basic knowledge about programming languages. Just basic and very little in fact i almost forgot them but now i realize how important it is today. I am very interested to learn SAP and i actually big fat ZERO on it but i really want to learn. Does anyone want to give an advice how will i start? Please send your advice on my email. i really appreciate you time reading this specially the effort of giving me tips or advices. Cheers!

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Hi, This is durga prasad. what is rollout and what are the activities we have to do in this process.


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After Installation of the SAP software, its giving posting period 2004. I am not able to make it to 2009 financial year.. how we make it.. what are the activities we have to do ?

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does the Tcode EWZ5 exist in ECC6?I'm using NW2004S SR2 abap engine and EWZ5 doesn't exist in in that case what is the alternative to EWZ5?to see the list of users present in a client but not necessarily logged in and to to lock or unlock them? Thanks.



In sm51 screen what are the possibilities for status field? If the status is active then we can double click on the instance name to goto it's work process over view screen(sm50). but if the application server is down,will it still be displayed in the sm51 screen with status shutdown?if so,what happens if we double click on an instance name with status shutdown>will it still goto sm50 screen?what would be the workprocess status then?


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In ECC6 can we change the number of dialog workprocesses without restarting the system and with out using operation modes?


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If the sap system is down where will you start trouble shooting?


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what is the difference between se16 and sm30?

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What is the difference between Party & Service without party in XI (ID)?


What are common transport errors and their codes?


Hello Guys, If any body looking for "SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) Training", Please Contact Me,We will covers all SAP VIM topics along with end to end ICC, Document pipeline xECM, Enterprise scan etc. Email ID


How you can restrict multiple logins of user in sap? What are the thing you have to take care of while writing the id’s?


I need to change the Company address parameters of a user. The path is SU01 -> -> Change - > Address Tab - > Display Icon in Company Address section. In the new screen, i see a preview section icon; on clicking which, I can change the parameters such as "Sending Country"; "Street/PO Box number" and number of lines in the resulting pop up. Here though i change the parameter "Street/PO Box number" field to 'S' ( Street has priority over PO Box), its changing again to 'P' (PO Box has priority over street) only. In the help section it is written that if we set the user parameter (tcode SU3) LND1 to the desired country we can control the user specific Sending Country with the desired value else it takes the Sending Country of the Company defined by default. But no such parameter has been given for Street/PO Box number so that we could change its value atleast there. Someone suggest me how to change the Street/PO Box number of the Address format for a user to the desired value.


How to apply java stacks ? expalin step by step prcoess


Which table contains the details related to Q defined in SPAM? Is there a way to revert back the Q defined? If yes, How?


What are the different types of job status? Can you unschedule an active job?


What will you do if u got Update failure?


What is upgrade process? And how u will do that?


What is the purpose of table tadir?


If a user complaints that he could not execute some of the transaction codes then what will you do?


1)Have you used performance tuning? What major steps will you use for these? 2)In production what is the user exit? 3)What type of user exits have you written? 4)Difference between Search Helps and Match Codes 5)On which even we can validate the input fields in module progams? 6)what are the table controls in BDC ? 7)what is the difference between bdc and lsmw ? 8) If the scripts are client dependent, what above driver program ? (client dependent / independent) 9). I have two pages, In one page I want address, Header, Main & footer. In the second page I want only Main. How to do it? 10) Will 50,000 records be uploaded directly into APP's Server? 11) What is the button to change the variant in ALV ? 12) If your project is support project ? when is your implementation has completed ? 13)In start of selection, if we perform validation, what happens ? 12)How to join 3 tallies & looping. We have developed a program in a client say (200- client) and 210 has test data. No developing rights. How to test data? 13)How to transfer data which is coming from are report as output to another report 14)How to create standard text and how do u transfer it ? 15)What are the views when we are creating Material ?


How you will give new authorizations?


Explain segment?