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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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in the stms screen where do you access transport logs specifically slog,alog,and ulog?

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In the context of client copy what is customizing data,master data, and application data,and transaction data,etc.. which client copy profile is used for copying each data type? thanks.

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If a tcode is taking too long time to finish and I wand to end the work process in sm50 how to find which work process is currently executing that tcode?

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what is the difference between logon group(tcode-smlg) and rfc group(tcode-sm59)?


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how much time it takes to export(scc8)a client? how much time it takes for import(can we do this from stms screen or we have to do this from os level?)? how much time it takes for client import post process (scc7)? how much time it takes if we do all this using remote client copy(scc9)? I know it depends on client size and system performance.But I want a real time scenario here. Thanks.


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will the work processes other than dialog ever goto priv mode?

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Name of the ABAP program to delete background jobs?

Cap Gemini,

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One dispatcher per application server. Is above statement correct or we can have more than one dispatcher per application server?

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Can one application server have multiple instances and if yes then how many dispatchers we have per application server?

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How to set predecessor relationship between two transport requests?


What do you know about Default user DDIC?

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differentiate system refresh,system copy,client refresh.and client copy.

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can we transport requests from production to development for client copy using scc8?

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can we adjust tablespaces from DB02 or we have to it at os level using brtools?

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Is it mandatory to make all the users log off while applying add-ons and s-notes as it is in the case of support packs?

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When I check transaction sm37 and I want to see the spool I get a message that says "no list available." Why is this?


describe where they would look at the buffer statistics, and what steps they would use to adjust them?


What are the different types of sap profiles?


what is the procedure for java stack upgradation?


Hi I am new in this forum and in this practice. can anyone help me out in finding out how to get training material for SAP CRM 2007.


Is there a difference between user ddic and sap_all/sap_new?


What settings we have to do in EEWC while using slandalone SAP-CRM system.


please share sap basis admin interview questions .. thanks sadik


Explain transport domain?


What is the purpose of table tadir?


How to update SAP


Hi i have 2.10 yrs of experience on Sap Basis...been working as a sap basis consultant.but unable to get through MNC companies...On what criteria does HR select the candidate.does my academics matter coz they are not good thou i am a graduate


What is SSO? How to configure SSO?


What is the use of commit value while deleting jobs in sap system?


Where XML file is generated in solution manager?