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IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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How do I remove a flag or check no. or name when a user opens too many sessions?


write the SQL statement to retrieve the 2nd Highest salary ammount(File Name="EMPLOY",Field Name="SALARY")

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How can we find from which source the program has been compiled for a given RPGLE program object?

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Please give me the code for A=A+1 in cl program?

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what is the correct about QTEMP library(below mention)? is Unique to a job can be shared between different job can only be deleted by QSECOFR d.Non Please give me the answer for this?


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An rpg program is processing an openquery file.The file is declared in update mode in F spec.Can we update this file? Please explain?

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A phisical file has two fields like 1) Account No(10,0) 2)Phone No(15,0)Unique on both fields?Please give me the answer for this?

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What would be the output of the variable result? D RESULT S 5S O INZ(00011) C EVAL RESULT = %TRIM(RESULT) Please give me the correct answer for this A.0001 b.compile time error c.11 d.Runtime error

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How do you read a subfile record which is in output mode?

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I had ruestion in one of the interview..... If 1 file has more than 1 member and i want to use the 2nd member in the RPG pgm (in RPG400),how can I use this.... I know the possible answers i.e. useing API 'QCMDEXE' or Before calling the pgm I can use OVRDBF for that member... but I dont' want to use both the tips in above scenarion. Does any body tell me how can i use this ....?

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Can anybody know what is Pick/Basic? Is it a programming language? can it be used in AS400 machine?

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(1)In Cl Program,Are PGM and ENDPGM mandatery Keywords or not .If yes, please tell me why these keywords is necessary. (2)If we will not define these two keywords (PGMand ENDPGM) then any error will be come or not.

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Q. Soppose one job is running in a batch mode for long time now i want to kill(end)this batch job.How you will achive this?


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Q.Suppose one job is running in a batch mode for a long time now i want to kill this batch job. how you achive this?


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how to change job priority when it is running in sub system ?


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what are the basic features of seu?


What is a query can be displayed without saving it?


What is the default access path of a file?


what are the different methods to access seu?


what is the difference between normal upddta to pf and updating using dfu program?


what is the use of dspatr(mdt) keyword?


what is the difference between packed decimal and zoned decimal?


what does opcode post do ?


at what level s,o are defined and what they will do?


how do you read data area in an rpg program?


what are indicators?


how will you find a string using pdm?


define data structure?


what are the different commands used in rlu ?


how many files, printer files you can describe in a rpg?