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IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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1) Suppose we call a pgm from CL, how come AS400 system knows whether the called pgm is to be interactive one or batch one? 2)How many members can exist in a PF?

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Good morning my experts.Im working as a software trainee on AS/400 technology.i have also joined with ibmi5 trying to convert date with cl/400 coding.I have taken 2 parameters(like date and date types). A. If suppose date type is j,Now i want to convert date to *MDY format B. if date type is M,now i want to convert date to *JUL format C. sending a Program message with the value of converted date.

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How we can delete all the Logical File of a Physical file in one instance ?


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Diff B/w ref and reffld?

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why we use binding directory and service pgm


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Can we use OVRDBF command without using of OPNQRYF ? Or can we use OPNQRYF command without using of OVRDBF command ?

HCL, iGate,

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Which is better LF or OPNQRYF ? When should we use LF and when should we use OPNQRYF ?


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How to position the cursor on a display file at a desired location.

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Why do you use Keep and Assume Keywords.

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what is the difference between clear and reset opcodes and open and close opcodes?please tell me in real time senario with example please? And What is the use of SFLNXTCHG?Where we can use this?


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Hi,while writing a program, what is the mandatory specification using rpg/400 (in7 specification)?And please tell me what is the difference between SCAN AND CHECK opcodes?can any body tell me in real time senario?with example?

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what is the rpg and cl life cycle?Please tell me any body

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whare we can use IN AND OUT AND UNLCK opcodes?please can any body tell me in real time senario with example

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Hey, What is the difference between SCAN,CHECK,XLATE OPCODES? please give me the answeres with example in real time senario?

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How do I release jobs in queue and change a job destination to a different printer. I know wrkjobq but I have not worked with As/400 for a while,so_can someone help me?

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what is the function of cpysplf command?


what is the maximum number of files allowed in rpg?


how do you know that records are locked?


what is the use of unique keyword and what level it is defined?


The content of Physical file is as below: hfcftp wruquief SENDPASV 0 CDUP ASCII GET 01100901.CSV ramndk/ECP505.EC0110090 (REPLACE QUIT Thw above commands will get executed when we call STRTCPFTP from CL program.... Now if I want to use SFTP what can be the solution? plz reply in detail....Thank you for ny help... I m using RPG/ILERPG to download...


what is the purpose of ovrdta and ovrata keywords ?


how you will find an error which is not in the first page of the subfile without using rolldown key?


can you have multiple key lists for a single file ?


what do we can do with the embedded sql statements?


how can a message from a message file appear as a constant on the screen?


define data structure?


what is service program?


what are various techniques to pass parameters from one program to another?


what is full form for dds?


A join logical file has how many record formats?