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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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How to answer when the interviewer asked "what is your project architecture?" pls. tell me in general ..

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What are non-functional requirements?

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Explain ETVX concept?

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What is Software reliability?

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What is the minimum criteria for white box?

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Explain 'Software metrics'?


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what is Response Time?

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Transaction Per second?

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How you find the performance of a web application by looking at the values of ?Response Time? and ?Pages Per Second??

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Which Server States are compulsarily observed during a Performence test of a Web Application?

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What is the format of Bug Report?

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There are 3 employees(say 2 colleagues and u not from same dept) in an organisation they used to discuss any thing except their salaries and one day stranger came and asked u to tell the average salary!plz give me the solution.


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There will be two security guards at hell and heaven. hell guy used to speak lie always and we can ask one and only one question to move into heaven(twist is we don't know who is hell or heaven gaurd).how can we move into heaven?

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There are two sand clocks(timers) one complete totally in 7 minutes and other in 9-minutes we have to calculate with this timers and bang the bell after completion of 11- minutes!plz give me the solution.


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why we perform stress-testing,resolution-testing and cross- browser testing?

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Explain test bed?


What is the difference between preventative and reactive approaches to testing?


What is the difference between debugging and testing?


Explain error?


26). how will know do written test cases are sufficient to validate application of functionality? 27). how will you prepare test data to validate input object? 28). explain defect status? 29). how will know whether the developer accepted you defects or not? 30). explain acceptance test? 31). explain when we stop testing? 32). explain scope of your project? 33). in which module you conducted testing? 34). explain defects which you found in that module? 35). if defect is not reproducible then what information you will provide to developer 36). if developer is not accepted your defect then what you will do?


We use the output of the requirement analysis, the requirement specification as the input for writing …


What is a 'walkthrough' in Software Testing?


What is boundary value?


What are the check points we need to consider while performing Database migration (ex: from oracle 8i to 9i)


Explain basis path testing?


What is glossary of software qa/testing?


Hi, I want to write ISTQB exam. Can anybody send me the material regarding this.


What is the purpose of a test completion criterion?


What is quality circle?


Describe to the basic elements you put in a defect report?