What is Bluetooth Technology?

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / parmod

This is a wireless technology designed to transfer files,
between variuos devices. Like, mobile to mobile, mobile to
computer or vive-versa. It works in the range of 10 meters
approx. It is not very secure mode of transmission as
someone can steal the information.

IR (infrared) is also used for the same purpose, but works
in very small range.

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / mahesh kumar

bluetooth is an efficient wireles technology of transfering
the data with in a distance from 10 to 100m depending on the
device.That works in the freq range around 2.5GH.

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / savant

hi friends..!!!

my name is vinay savant from bangalore,
BE E&C, 9886545929.

blue tooth is nothing but is a wire less communication
medium and it is a higher version of infrared technology.
which will work at the frequency range of 2 to 5 mega hz
and coverage of around 100 meters. now a day all the pc to
pc communication is enabled by blue tooth tech and even
mobile data can be transfered through this technology. blue
tooth uses the 802.11X standards.

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / naren

It is a wireless technology by which v can communicate
other devices(such as printers, scanners, systems) without
connecting them.

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / amit umar

bluetooth is like infra red but its not a beam but waves
the same as ur microwave waves. the range of bluetooth is
10 meters, its very slow and is one way (like radieo, when
u wanna talk u have to pres button => u talk, or u listen
not both, not like phones where both persons can talk in
the same time). and it does not depend on gsm connectivity.
bluetooth is every there, mobile pfones, wireless mouse,
laptops, car radio, etc. most importanthe bluetooth is a
free frequency.

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / jagdeep&kamal

Bluetooth is Shot range Wireless technology. it is use to
transfer a data to another mobile phone.but it is
Approximate secure

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / veeranna

Bluetooth is a low power wireless technology. It works in
unlicensed band of 2.4GHz. The minimum specified range for
Bluetooth is 10m.
It uses Frequency hopping technique to avoid interference
and uses time division multiplex for communication.
The device which initiates the connection is called master,
all other devices (max 7) called slves tune to masters
frequency and time to form piconet.
Three are various versions more popular once are Bluetooth
1.2 ,2.0,2.1 and now 3.0.
Over a period of time Bluetooth has evolved as as high speed
low power technology.
Visit following link to know more about 2.1

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / vanitha.v.shetty

Bluetooth is an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances (using short length radio waves) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs). It was originally conceived as a wireless alternative to RS-232 data cables. It can connect several devices, overcoming problems of synchronization.
Bluetooth is a standard and a communications protocol primarily designed for low power consumption, with a short range (power-class-dependent: 100m, 10m and 1m, but ranges vary in practice; see table below) based on low-cost transceiver microchips in each device. Bluetooth makes it possible for these devices to communicate with each other when they are in range. Because the devices use a radio (broadcast) communications system, they do not have to be in line of sight of each other.

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / kapil121

bluetooth is wireless communication.It provides entirely
wireless connections for all kinds of communication devices.

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What is Bluetooth Technology?..

Answer / basu

bluetooth is wireless protocol device
which is use to exchange the information between device

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