SQL Server Interview Questions
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wht is normalization?can u explain me in detail?


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what are the new features of sql server 2005?

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Suppose in a situation if two list boxes are there and if you select multiple options based on that the options related to those selected items should display in second list box. Again if we select multiple items in second listbox then the related to those selected items should display . In this scenario how will you design database,tables?


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hi i am working as a testengineer , so i want to no the backend data base connection can any one tell mwe in detail

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How many index keys possible for a table

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What are the all different types of Joins in SQL Server 2000, Anybody can explain each join with definition..Thanks in advance....

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wat will be the sql query to extract only last 3 records from table supose table hving thousands for records

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How to retrieve duplicate rows in a table? How to delete the duplicate entries in a table?

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what is meant by sql injection with example and one more question how to catch the errors in sqlserver

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What are Magic Table?

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what are file groups?


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what is the cursor life span?

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What is the difference between NOROW and LOCKROW?

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You have modified 100 store procedures and want to replicate these changes from development to prodution, and production can have users using the Server/DB, how would you replicate without causing issues?


can anybody tell us, how to select 2nd max salary from table. my id is ashish.akk@gmail.com

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explain the difference between oracle- sql and sql server sql ? if both are same y we r using 2 sw.s?


1.what is the diff between nolock optimizer and read uncommitted isolation? 2.what is the diff between revoke and deny? 3.what is percieved down time? 4.whether password protection are required for backups?if yes why?if no why? 5.what is fill factor? 6.what is cost analysis? 7.what is mean by piece meal restore? 8.what is 'rowguidcol'? 9.impersonate permission? 10.what is selectivity?


Comment,Datatypes are unlimited


If a stored procedure is taking a table data type, how it looks?


This question asked during interview, 2) At the end of each month, a new table is created for each bank that contains monthly metrics consolidated at the account level. The table naming convention is bankX_YYYYMM where X represents the numeric designation of the bank and YYYYMM indicates the 4 digit year and 2 digit month. The tables contain the following fields: name data type description account text account number registered boolean indicates whether the account is registered num_trans integer number of transactions made during the time period spend numeric(9,2) total spend during the time period a) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend for "Bank1" during the 4th quarter of 2009. b) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend at "Bank1" and "Bank2", broken out by registered vs. non-registered accounts, during January 2010 not sure what is correct answer and how to solve?


what are questions asked in TCS for database tester (sqlserver)for 2-3 exp?


what is the sql equivaent of the dataset relation object ?


optimization techinques


What are the dis_advantages of stored procedures, triggers, indexes?


Why we need to use secondry database file? though, we can do same work using primary database file also.


what’s the difference between Covering Indexes and Clustered Indexes ? how to use clustered index small ?


How can we call UDF(User Define Function) using C# code in ASP.net ?


Delete duplicate rows without using rowid.


application server is slow what may be the problem


can any body tell me how to know the password of current user in sql server