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  • HG interview questions (6)

HG Interview Questions
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what is the cursor life span?

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. Which place receives the highest rainfall in India? (1) Ahmedabad (2) Pune (3) Chirapunji (4) Panaji

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disbable back option by java script

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what is headhunting in recruitment???? how to do headhunting??? what r the types?????/

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what is suspense account?

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Why we select the table which has minimum number of records as Master table in joiner?

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what to expect of your activities on the job?


why ht motors are star connected?


why do u select to do MBA in HR after doing B.Sc in physics?


What is the working formula for Working Capital Turnover


Differentiate between Policy and Procedure.


How to test Alternator stability test for REF relay


what are the steps involved in generator load test?


Guest expenses Rs 5500/-on behalf of partner Aravind was written as Hospitality. Rectify it


What were the major challenges u faced while testing


The server is already having the list of IP addresses of all its authorized clients & if any client is requesting the server to do a task, it is sending its IP address(encapsulated in the packet) to the server.The server can easily match that IP address with that on its list and check if it's authorized client or not, then why we need inverse domain...........


What is the different between Excise Invoice and Invoice


in case dedit balance of solvent partner and in case credit balance of insolvent partner what i do for accounting on dissolution of partnershio firm give me ans. as per garrner v/s murry rule


For a binary tree with n nodes, How many nodes are there which has got both a parent and a child?


plumbing CPVC fitting FTE Brass full form


which one do u prefer idly vs pizza why ?


HG Interview Questions
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