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SQL Server Interview Questions
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IN Vs OR operator which is best to use sql server.

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Can anybody explain me cold backup and hot backup?


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whate is advantages of sql server 2000


what is the purpose of creating view is sql server 2000


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why cluster and non clusterindex are used in sqlserver 2000? explain with example

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hi, may i know what is the command to get abstract the current month, current year and current day from a given date.i want these three in a isolated way..seperatedly is that any way in sql server 2000

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how to connect sybase to sql server 2005?.


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how to select a field with firstletter as capital and remaining are small letters

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How to write stored procedure to update the data in 10 tables

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How to write query to Delete the records in child table and corresponding records in parent table

Semantic Space,

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Is it possible to have more then one foreign key in a single table? if possible, is this the good way to design the table?

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Assume,there are three tables in a database, Can i have both primary key and foreign key for each table in the same database?

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what is difference between view and Dip.



what is curser.

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what is Data Transformation Services (DTS) ?can u explain me in detail?


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Un-Answered Questions { SQL Server }

What is dynamic cursor in SQL SERVER?


You have a table ‘test’ which is a copy of northwind employee table you have written a trigger to update the field ‘hiredate’ with the current date


How to drop an existing table with "drop table" statements in ms sql server?


Explain error and transaction handling in sql server?


Data table as parameter in sql server?


What are the different authentication modes in sql server?


Does index speed up select statements?


What is the usage of the sign function?


You have to store user responses of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ what kind of data type is best suited for this task?


As per your opinion what are the five top responsibilities of a dba? : sql server database administration


Do you know what is recursion? Is it possible for a stored procedure to call itself or recursive stored procedure?


How many clustered indexes can be created on a table? I create a separate index on each column of a table. what are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach?


How to use subqueries with the in operators in ms sql server?


Which command is used for user defined error messages?


Can you please explain the difference between function and stored procedure?