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Solaris Interview Questions
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Suppose if u want to reconfigure the kernel then how ur going to do?

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You can ping servers on the subnet your workstation is on, but not other subnets. Why?

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If you can ping a server, but can't telnet or ssh to it, whats wrong?


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If you mistype a password, how do you clear it out to retype the password again?

Genpact, WNS,

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If fsck is running, one thind u should not do.. what's that?

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If you try to send an e-mail to someone and the following message appear "Message Undeliverable", what could be wrong?


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How do you give a user access to an application or program that needs to run as root without giving them the root password?

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When you "ping server" and "ping server.domainname", you get different results. Why?

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How would you truncate a log file that is growing too large if you don't have space to compress it or to move it somewhere else? How would you do it?

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What is uadmin and what does it do?

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If you have multiple ethernet interfaces, how do you keep it from routing between them?

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You can receive e-mail, but when u try to send e-mail .. u can't send any. What is wrong?

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If you have forgotten the root password for a server, how do you get back in?


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Security point of view,What's there in NIS+ than NIS?


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How can you search for commands at the boot prompt if you only know part of the command?

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Un-Answered Questions { Solaris }

How can a user access a dos-format disk in solaris?


environment? Is it heterogeneous (mix of linux, solaris,other UNIX)?


Tell me how many types of file system?


How can searches be refined?


If the root disk is failed how can change it?


How to create a gateway?


Explain custom jumpstart procedure?


What is the zone in DNS?


How can the output be redirected to some other action process in place showing it in the screen?


What can be a reason for the solaris system slowing down? How can it be rectified?


what is the importance of swap memory and how it will supports?


what is mean by netfmd in sun cluster what is the use of netfmd and what is the relation between ccd and netfmd?


How to configure email notification in solaris 8? We are using netbackup 5


how can u give space garentee for volume in netapp storage


what are the alarms in solaris?