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Solaris General Interview Questions
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Benefits of SMF compared LRC(legacy run control)?

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Diffrence between Paging & swap?

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Explain crashdumps & core files?

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Explain custom jumpstart procedure?

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Hardware and software revision information ? showrev

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How do you connect to remote machines? I said using secure crt using ssh.

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How do you delete tmp files if file system is full becoz of /tmp dir ?

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How do you update OBP firmware?

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How to add gateway in solaris ?

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How to add route (gateway) to n/w interface?

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How to bring New LUN under veritas , create f/s on it ?

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How to change the default values ( home dir, shell, role, min, max, expire) get by user ?

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How to check OBP version?

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How to check nfs version configured?

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How to check version VXVM? Pkginfo –l | grep VRTS

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Un-Answered Questions { Solaris General }

How can the user in solaris check the status of processes?


How can the output be redirected to some other action process in place showing it in the screen?


What is difference between swap -l & swap -s?


Suppose I have 20 gb free space in my file system but my inode size full. How will I increase or how will I fix this issue?


How does a solaris cluster work?


In solaris 10 root Disk is 98% full what steps to be taken?


What kind of issues you get?


Explain the run levels that are used in solaris10?


What are the raid levels in solaris?


How to view shared memory statistics?


Explain what is multi homed system?


What are nfs daemons?


What causes the rpc.ttdbserverd process to be cpu bound?


What is the login shell?


What are the ways in which replication agreements between directory structures be arranged?