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manappuram Interview Questions
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How do you define success?

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Please define Transaction Type , Movement Type , Asset Transaction Type , Item Type & Document type. Please also give examples of each of them


What is suspense Account?

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who is andhra pradesh state present c m?

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define finance

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How to calculate PF with example

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why should you consider youself fit to be hired by jspl


what about the manapuram fm

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What is an audit report? Whom is it done by?


How to capture the URL and title of the current webpage being viewed?


Can I build a good future in "IT profile(non-BPO)" by joining as Technical support voice at IBM/ Wipro/Dell .....??? Please do guide me in this case...


Why saturation region slowly shifted in the left side?


How to Display a file's associated icon?


if co. (proprietorship). purchase mobile phone for employees than mobile phones under off. equipment .we have rec. purchase bill gst applicable how shows entry


For example, If raised PR (purchase request) of 1"inch ss pipe so what description in mention in purchase request?


How can I explain p2p process in SAP?


What is on-demand functionality? How is it provided in cloud computing?


how many pulses are required by a ac induction servo motor of 4 poles with 50 Hz frequency to rotate by 1 degree?


Examine the marits and Limitations of the obsrvation method in collecting data. Illustrate your answer with suitable example.


what is the difference between Power and Distribution transformers ?


Hi Could any one please explain various business scenarios handled in sap.THis was the question i was asked in the interview i explained to an extent but he is not satisfied. Secondly if a person is terminated what will happen to data how long it will be maintained in the master data? Thirdly if a person is in contract is made to permanent what are the transactions carried out? If a person is terminated whether his data is deleted immediately. How long his data will be stored in the database whether it is permanently deleted or not? Pls answer for these questions asap. Thanks Priya


What is US Tax Accounts? Can I get any information where from I take full knowledge about US Taxation?


How to select the cable and voltage drop in circuit?


manappuram Interview Questions
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